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The Legend of Zelda + Lady Gaga…Ummm…

I’ll try to keep my opinions about Lady Gaga’s music to myself. But I think some of you might find this amusing. I will say though, the use of Zelda footage here is really just a backdrop for what is otherwise a pseudo 8-bit remix of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance (and just view-whoring to rake gamers in). I say “pseudo” because this is being done on GXSCC. Now this would be real 8-bit if it was being done on something like Famitracker (of even LSDJ). Really not a fan of GXSCC’s sound, but nice try for the creator.

via BuzzFeed

8-Bit Girls Dancing Gets A Song Stuck In My Head

This song… I was shown this song several weeks ago by my sister. Upon seeing this, the bright colors were a bit of a turnoff. But at the same time, I could not dismiss the charm that both the video and the song had. The song, “Kodo no Himitsu” (or “Secret Heartbeat”), is sung by J-pop group Tokyo Girls Style. This particular song is actually a remix by YMCK, a group from Japan known for their 8-Bit music. I don’t know much about YMCK unfortunately (but they do sound familiar). The sprites used here do kinda remind me of the ones from the 16-bit Final Fantasy games, mostly with how their eyes are closer to their noses. Anyway, check the vid out.