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[NYCC 2013] Hands-on with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The Zelda series returns to its roots once again with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Taking place after a Link to the Past on the SNES, Link returns to Hyrule to vanquish the evil that lurks these lands. This time, he’s able to merge with the wall, turning corners to traverse once unreachable areas, and even scale the outside of a castle’s walls. While not available in this demo, A Link Between Worlds also allows players to rent out items from Ravio’s shop and to tackle any dungeon in any order.

Characters Confirmed So Far For Super Smash Bros. 4

Characters so far for SSB4

Super Smash Bros 4. (if you haven’t noticed the sly pun) was finally revealed during Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation this year. Along with some returning favorites, we were acquainted with a few new faces. Since the initial E3 trailers, we’ve had a steady stream of info coming in from both the Miiverse SSB Community and the official SSB4 website, and with them some more veterans. So, who’s been revealed so far? Hit the jump and let’s review.

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Nintendo Direct 5.17.2013 Recap: Info On New Sonic Game, New Pikmin Characters, And “E3 For The People”

Sonic Lost World

Another Nintendo Direct has gone by this morning. It wasn’t long, but it offered some new info on games we already knew about, namely some release dates on long awaited games. There were a couple of reveals too involving Sonic The Hedgehog. Before we jump, let’s talk about the teaser image up there. It’s from the next game in the Sonic series, titled Sonic: Lost World. So what exactly are we seeing there? Well there’s Sonic on top of the Tornado (most likely piloted by Tails). But then there’s this fractured globe, connected by hexagon-shaped landmasses. There’s some aquatic areas, some plains, a forest, an ice cap, and volcanic areas. There’s also two desert-like areas, probably one resembling a standard desert and the other a more rugged, American-styled desert.

Iwata states that Nintendo is partnering with Sega for this venture. It’s not certain how deep this venture goes, but we do know that Sonic: Lost World will be exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS.

More on Nintendo Direct after the break.

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A Link To The Past Sequel Announced For Nintendo 3DS

A Link To The Past sequel

The very last announcement for today’s Nintendo Direct came from the Regginator himself. He called back to how he views A Link To The Past as his favorite game of all time (it’s my second favorite Zelda game, behind Wind Waker). With that in mind, he showed off a new game that’ll take place in the same Hyrule as depicted in A Link To The Past, this time with 3D graphics. Gameplay and movement is the same as it was in A Link To The Past (and Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks minus the stylus control). Sporting his classic Brown/Green tunic from the original game, Link will traverse the land of Hyrule in oldschool fashion. However height will now play a bigger role than before. On top of this, Link can become a 2D picture on the wall and turn corners that he wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Think Sideways NY, but with a lot more Zelda.

Currently Nintendo of America hasn’t chosen a name for this sequel, but Nintendo of Japan is currently calling it Triforce of the Gods 2 (referencing ALttP’s Japanese name). Will it be called A Link To The Past 2, fall prey to the punny A Link 2 The Past, or will we get an entirely new subtitle? The game will be made available for the 3DS around the holiday season of this year.

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Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 11/19/12

This week was Thanksgiving, so all this week was about giving thanks to the things videogames did for us. We started the thank-you’s with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Then we surfed from sewers in TMNT IV: Turtles in Time. Then we climbed The Shard in Mirror’s Edge. Then we searched for the crystals in Final Fantasy IV. And finally we paid a visit to the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario RPG.

If you want to see the music as it goes up (and not wait every Saturday for these wrap-ups), remember to go to our Tumblr page and follow it. Music for Night-Time Listenings goes up every weekday at 10PM.

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The Legend of Zelda + Lady Gaga…Ummm…

I’ll try to keep my opinions about Lady Gaga’s music to myself. But I think some of you might find this amusing. I will say though, the use of Zelda footage here is really just a backdrop for what is otherwise a pseudo 8-bit remix of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance (and just view-whoring to rake gamers in). I say “pseudo” because this is being done on GXSCC. Now this would be real 8-bit if it was being done on something like Famitracker (of even LSDJ). Really not a fan of GXSCC’s sound, but nice try for the creator.

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Top 10 N64 Games I Wished I Played In My Youth (And Still Haven’t!)

I’m not sure how many gamers there are like me, but I’ll come out and say it: I never owned an N64. Never had one, and not really planning to go out and own one. I grew up as a Playstation kid as the PS1 was the cheaper system when my mom went out and got me one. I think many gamers probably had the same predicament as me: we grew up poor or had parents that didn’t want to spend a lot of money on games (and instead give us lame Christmas socks and notebooks). But I don’t fault my family. I grew up on a console that was getting the RPGs and all the third party games. But still, there were quite a few things on the N64 that revolutionized the way we played videogames (like the joystick and Rumble Pak). I was able to play the N64 in my cousins’ house. But personally, as you already know, I never owned an N64. The only way I can “legally” play the games are on the Wii. But in hindsight, it’s still kinda sad knowing that I missed out on the happenings surrounding the system –in particular, the games. Before we begin, I have to set a criteria.

1) These are games that I have not touched, at all. To this day. As I type this. Never played, at all. Dead. Serious.
2) The “not owning” part is a given. But, if I did play them at all, they don’t count. And also, for other games games I mention “playing”, they don’t necessarily mean “owning.”
3) If I own the original games or enhanced port on the Virtual Console or any other system, they don’t count.

So without further ado, hit the jump button down there to see what games I missed out on.

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Art of the Week: Feature 1 – sergevirusx

For our first feature, we have an artist who goes by “sergevirusx”. Serge’s operations being at deviantART, this artist known in the community for drawing many sexy women. Unfortunately, a lot of them aren’t really safe to post here, per se. But a love for old-school is prevalent with fanart depicting Megaman, Street Fighter, Mario, Rival Schools, Contra, etc. Serge’s artstyle, some have said, resembles that of 1980s anime, which, in my opinion, birthed some of the most memorable characters from the likes of Gundam (though that was ’79), Dragon Ball, Voltron, and Urusei Yatsura (the anime). Below is a sample of serge’s work. Hit the jump to see a sample of serge’s work. And do catch the full over at deviantART. Oh, and serge does take commissions.

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Nintendo focusing more on software, 3D Zelda: A Link to the Past could happen

There’s been a lot of talk about Nintendo going around, especially with all the rumors and information surfacing, and now Shigeru Miyamoto continues to tease us with more news about their plans, as well as what to look forward to. According to Miyamoto, Nintendo’s been focusing on hardware lately, which would explain why we haven’t been seeing much software from Nintendo recently. However, he says that the focus will shift towards making more games

Miyamoto states that Nintendo will be creating “meaningful and high-value games” downloadable through the 3DS’ eShop. He also says that there are going to be more game remakes on the horizon for the handheld, and happened to mention that a remake he’d very much like to see is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

A 3D remake of A Link to the Past? Sprite looks hopeful.

Personally, I’d love to see it happen. It would be great to replay the game with a new two-layered look, and it’s nice to see some popular Nintendo games getting remade. But I can’t wait to hear more about Nintendo’s new titles, and I’m curious to see what games are going to be available on the eShop service.

All I know is that this year’s E3 looks like it’s going to be a crazy one thanks to Nintendo.

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Source: Next-gen Biz

Retro Gaming Weekends – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Part 2)

And now we’re back to out discussion of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Last time we talked about some memorable moments that occurred in the game. Now it’s time to talk music. The Legend of Zelda had a soundtrack that resonated with many withing the Zelda community, and its tunes have lived on in later Zelda games. Here are 5 themes that I remember to this day from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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Retro Gaming Weekends – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

I faintly remember playing the original Zelda game on the NES and not knowing what the hell to do. Being a kid that was impatient, I just wanted the game to tell me where the hell to go next. Unfortunately, I was forced to just wing it and see where else I could go next. I didn’t know how to save… So I always started from the very beginning no matter how far I got. The game was either rented or borrowed, so I never really owned the game (until last year when I got my mom the original Zelda game since she’s a big fan of the old Zelda games). So in comes my ownership of the SNES. And this is where our next Retro Gaming Weekend starts. All in commemoration of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary.

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