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The Buried Atari E.T. Carts Have Been Found

E.T. Cart found (2)Photo by Larry Hyrb

This past week the public was invited to help out in digging up a location in a New Mexico desert where unsold copies of the the Atari E.T. game were buried. Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb was among the diggers. Things got very interesting when they dug up an Atari joystick in shambles. “A bit of evidence that we’re digging in the right place… ” the tweet reads, with accompanying picture. Then came the picture of the unearthed E.T. cart, confirming the urban legend to be true. Larry then posted another picture showing that E.T. wasn’t the only game buried in the landfill.

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And Here Are Your Picks For The Smithsonian Videogame Art Exhibit

After many months, and after many votes, the Smithsonian has chosen what games will be shown during their Art of Videogames exhibit. There are some obvious choices, and some surprises. Since this list is long, you’ll have to hit the jump to see them. Okay? So here we go.

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