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Art of the Week: Feature 5 – Dave Wilkins

Recognize that picture up there? Of course ya do! It was used in magazine ads when Marvel vs Capcom 3 was still in full hype mode. This artwork was made by an artist named Dave Wilkins. He currently works as a comic artist for Marvel Comics, along with doing concept art for other mediums including films and videogames. One thing you’ll notice right away is his excellent use of color and lighting. Another neat visual aspect of Mr. Wilkin’s artwork is the visible brush strokes on parts with maximum lighting and shadows. I’m a big fan of techniques like this as it shows the processes that the artist takes in coloring and gives a picture a sense of movement. This is especially prevalent in his concept art for Splatterhouse, as every punch, kick, and blood splatter delivered by Rick looks like someone was there and took a picture of Rick mid-asskicking. Speaking of which, you should check out the Fangoria cover he made featuring Splatterhouse. The story behind it is freaking awesome and inspirational for anyone that wants to get into the field he’s in. His main base of operations is his website, davewilkinsart.com. You can also catch his gallery over at deviantART as well.

Hit the jump for a taste of his artwork.

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Art of the Week: Feature 4 – robotpencil

You may have remembered some time last year that his artwork was featured on Kotaku. Well since then, robotpencil, real name Anthony Jones, has seen his popularity sky rocket and is reaping the benefits of his exposure since now he works at Sony Santa Monica. He is concept artist with them and is working on a few projects, including a graphic novel. His main base of operations is his website, but he is also on deviantART as well. What helped his popularity to grow was his interpretations of the Mario crew that the was shown in the initial Kotaku feature. It was reminiscent of the fan film There Will Be Brawl (and the movie that inspired it, There Will Be Blood). The manner in which he handled the subject matter made it stand out amongst other realistic reinterpretations of the Mario cast, in which a lot of them felt more like parodies of GTA that tried to hard, thus became distracting. Here, Mr. Jones interprets them in a manner that is believable. We can believe that Mario is a tough ol’ bastard, that Luigi is down on his luck, that Toad is a drug pusher, and that Peach has done more “work” outside being a princess. Many on dA are proud of what he has accomplished since his feature and wish him the best of luck.

After the break, you can see a small sample of his other fanart work below. But I’m only scraping the tip of the iceberg as I’m only showing what I can show, in keeping with the theme of the blog. He has a lot more amazing original artwork as well that deserves just as much attention. See it all on his website and deviantART gallery.

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