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Review – Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers (PC, 1993)

Aside from the RPG there is one genre of games that have always managed to stimulate my imagination better than any other. The point and click adventure has been a regular part of my diet since King’s Quest 7 which introduced me to the genre soon after it first came out.

Usually, puzzles that stump me for hours are the intimidating factor that keeps me from jumping between adventure games regularly, but some more user-friendly games such as Telltale’s fantastic Tales of Monkey Island and Sam & Max alleviated my fears and I felt that I could survive just about any adventure game without seeking help from hints or guides.

Gabriel Knight : Sins of The Fathers beat my pride into the ground.

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The Wired Fish Podast S3 – Episode 2

Ahoy one and all to the second episode of The Wired Fish Podcast S3. Today, we talk about the Ouya and what it could bring to the console market. Next, we talk about Shinji Mikami’s quote about videogame’s being more like Hollywood movies. Then, we discuss the prospect of Bioware reviving the Ultima franchise with Ultima Forever. And finally, we talk a bit about the games we’re playing now.

Time-Table of Contents after the break.

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