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Grant Kirkhope Explains Mumbo Jumbo’s “Oominaka” Line (It Involves His Swollen Balls)


Yes, you read that right. Balls. Let’s talk about Grant Kirkhope’s balls today. Sorry if this is really late for some, but I just saw this episode some days ago. So then, in a recent episode of Game Grumps — a collab between JonTron and Egoraptor — they had former Rare composer Grant Kirkhope on as a guest as they played a selection of N64 games he worked on. Along with composing music, Kirkhope also did the sound design for some of these games, including some voice work as well.

Many know Mumbo Jumbo from Banjo-Kazooie. With Mumbo Jumbo, much of his spoken lines were generated randomly on a syllable by syllable basis, picking from a pool of samples for him. “Ikambokem” was one such line that was formed from this randomization. Some were also full, used for specific actions performed by Mumbo. “Oominaka” is Continue reading

Hurst And Kirkhope, Among Others, Want To Make A Real Banjo-Tooie Successor

Once again, Rare is in the spotlight over something fans are just clamoring for since the lukewarm release of Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts. A small group of former Rare developers (who run game developer Crash Labs), including Steven Hurst and Grant Kirkhope, want to make a new Banjo-Kazooie game, or at least somewhat. The Twitter account MingyJongo was started to gain support for the idea from fans. In the profile, it states that they want to create a “spiritual successor” to Banjo-Tooie, the second game in the series. So this may or many not be an actual Banjo game, but play very similar to one. Maybe it could be a Sabreman game? Who knows. One Twitter user asked why these guys don’t use Kickstarter instead to bring the project to life, to which Mingy replies “You’re spending other peoples money & what happens when you need more time/money? We’ll worry about funding when we know exactly what IT is.” A good point. The other question would be that IF they do make a Banjo game, is Microsoft going to keep it or let it go? Maybe those rumors a while back might mean something…

For now they only need support on Twitter. So if you want to see something happen with this idea, go there and hound them!

Ex-Rare Developers Join Forces To Create A Spiritual Successor To Banjo-Tooie [Nintendolife]

MingyJongo Twitter account