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Ace Attorney 5 Announced, Hachi Seeks His Fancy Tie and Wig

He’s here to kick ass and provide evidence. And he’s all out of ass…

After several years of languishing in the depths of the “Shit We Don’t Talk About Because We Need To Focus On Re-releasing Our Fighting Games” closet at Capcom, website “My Nintendo News” revealed that the latest issue of Famitsu (basically the premier video game magazine in Japan, and part time Mos Eisley Cantina) features the announcement of the long-awaited Ace Attorney 5, in development for the 3DS. Yup, no “Investigations” spin-off this time, or Layton crossover. It’s an honest-to-goodness mainline installment. This news has me…slightly excited.

Actual photo of Hachi’s room when he heard the news.

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Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Phoenix Wright Trailer

For real this time. For a while I was wondering if Phoenix was really going to throw some punches and kicks. Turns out, he’s not quite doing much of that. Instead, he’s whipping out paper, throwing what looks like laser pens, calling out his assistant to do the Luigi Punches. I’m really diggin’ his level 1 Super though, calling out the Judge like a god! So far his fighting style is very different than the other fighters. He also has some icons over his super meter. Evidence perhaps? Hachi is definitely gonna love this!