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Rise of the Triad Making its Triumphant Return

How the fuck did I miss this?  A reboot of Rise of the Triad?  Dog mode and weird floating platforms making a return?  Graphic killing of Nazi soldiers as they beg for their lives using modern visuals?  Consider me pumped!

Originally intended to be an expansion to Id’s hit, Wolfenstein 3-D, RotT was designed for that particular engine.  When Id dropped that plan, possibly because Doom would be looming around the corner, it was instead developed as a whole new game running on a more modern engine.

That’s good, because Wolfenstein 3-D’s engine wasn’t really suited for outdoor environments which is a big part of this game’s atmosphere.  What resulted is a pretty gory game for its time where people would regularly blow up.  Because height was no longer an issue like it would have been as an expansion, we see a whole bunch of trampolines that take advantage of taller rooms.

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