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Rise of the Triad Reboot Free Goodies w/ Preorder, Possible Blake Stone Followup?!

The folks modernizing Apogee’s classic shooter, Rise of the Triad are not only making an impressive looking game, but if you pay attention to the Destructoid comments section, you can clearly see the team getting involved and spreading the word on top of that.   I love it when I see development teams really put extra effort into selling their game and getting the word out.


For those who don’t know, the original Rise of the Triad started out as an expansion for Wolfenstein 3D, even using the same engine, until id software had the project cancelled shortly before Doom was to be released.  The project survived on a modified engine and independent story.

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Rise of the Triad Making its Triumphant Return

How the fuck did I miss this?  A reboot of Rise of the Triad?  Dog mode and weird floating platforms making a return?  Graphic killing of Nazi soldiers as they beg for their lives using modern visuals?  Consider me pumped!

Originally intended to be an expansion to Id’s hit, Wolfenstein 3-D, RotT was designed for that particular engine.  When Id dropped that plan, possibly because Doom would be looming around the corner, it was instead developed as a whole new game running on a more modern engine.

That’s good, because Wolfenstein 3-D’s engine wasn’t really suited for outdoor environments which is a big part of this game’s atmosphere.  What resulted is a pretty gory game for its time where people would regularly blow up.  Because height was no longer an issue like it would have been as an expansion, we see a whole bunch of trampolines that take advantage of taller rooms.

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