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The Wired Fish Podcast S3 – Episode 7

Ahoy one and all! It’s the Season Finale of The Wired Fish Podcast (which is one month late. Sorry about that…). In this belated episode, we talk about Nintendo Power’s end and how we grew up with the popular Nintendo mag. I’ve also added a slideshow of all the pages to Nintendo Power’s first issue for you to read while we talk. Next we pick apart Alex Hutchison’s comments about how Journalists give Japanese developers a free pass when it comes to storytelling.

As you know, the time table of contents are after the break.

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Shinji Mikami Thinks Hollywood Is The Way To Go

Using the Michael Bay method is not the way to go Shinji

In a recent interview with director Shinji Mikami, the man behind Resident Evil, God Hand, and Vanquish stated that “Japan needs to make games like Hollywood makes movies.” The director’s not the only person to say something about Japan’s influence on the gaming industry. Keiji Inafune, then-co-designer of the Mega Man franchise, has also mentioned that he felt that Japanese game designers have fallen behind. And Phil Fish, creator of Fez, recently said “Your games just suck.”

Shinji continues with stating, “Japan used to have the lead in the game industry, but now it’s quite clearly America. To be told that Japanese games suck is a bit harsh. But personally, 80% of the games I play at the moment are not Japanese. Skyrim, Batman…games like that are more interesting to me right now. Japan needs to make more good games if it wants people to think otherwise.” When Shinji is asked about any games that are of the exception he states, “Yes, there are amazing games, just not enough of them… So many are based on anime or fantasy – games that only appeal to Japanese people. Most gamers overseas aren’t interested in anime.” Shinji then moves to comment on a game that’s closer to home, “We made Okami at Clover. It was such a breathtaking game, yet it didn’t sell. If that’s the case, westerners obviously don’t like that sort of game. Maybe they prefer something a little more straightforward.”

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Fez Creator Talks Smack About Japanese Games, Takes to Twitter

See this image? Apparently this is from Fez creator Phil Fish’s Twitter, in which a Twitter user berates him over comments he made about Japanese games. Then, like a proper gentleman and esteemed individual, he replies to the Twitter user with, “I just won the grand prize at IGF tonight. suck my dick. choke on it.” Now, we tend to see this happen from time to time with other game developers, like David Jaffe and his sailor mouth. But hey, he’s got years on him, made Twisted Metal and God of War. He’s earned the right. But Fish, he’s still a relative newbie and still has one game under his belt that he hasn’t released yet. But why is all this happening?

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