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Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight Confirmed For U.S. Release As Fire Emblem Awakening Release Date Narrows

Harmoknight and FE Awakening

While we’re on the subject of releases, two bits of news came out of Nintendo following their Nintendo Direct a couple of nights back. First up, Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight was confirmed for release in the U.S. Made by Game Freak, the creators of the Pokemon franchise, the gamplay is one part Rhythm Heaven, one part Bit.Trip Runner, and one part Space Channel 5. The game also has music and stages inspired by the Pokemon series. Nintendo states that the game will be coming the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS soon.

The Pokémon Creator’s First Non-Pokémon Game In Ages Is Coming To America [Kotaku]

The next bit of good news is that the release date for Fire Emblem Awakening has narrowed even further to a specific date. It now has an expected release date of February 4th, 2013.

[via Nintendo Direct 12.05.2012, at the 24:45 mark]

Game Freak Making A New Game, And It’s Not Pokemon (Video Included!)

Remember back then when Game Freak made Pulseman? This was before they were heavy into making Pokemon. Sure they had Drill Dozer, but that was in 2005, which was 7 years ago. But now they’re experimenting again, this time with Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight. Revealed in this morning’s Nintendo Direct, It’s a hybrid Action Platformer/Rhythm Game. Think a mix between Theatrhythm meets Rhythm Heaven. A better comparison would be that Platform Hero stage from the upcoming Rayman Legends. I always like it when a company tries something a little different from what they usually do (especially the guys at Game Freak).

Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight is set to release on the 3DS eShop sometime this year (I think). A U.S. release doesn’t look out of the picture since much of the commands are in English, so it may not cost much to bring over.

You can see a video of HarmoKnight it after the break.

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