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Pokemon Finally Goes 3D With Pokemon X And Y

Probably since Pokemon Stadium back on the N64, Pokemon fans have wanted to see a full-fledged 3D Pokemon game. Time and again however, they’ve only been teased by the allure of 3D Pokemon with games like Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon Battle Revolution, both of which were largely about battling and not catching and exploration. XD: Gale of Darkness was the closest the series would get to a 3D RPG of Pokemon. But that’s all about to change as now Pokemon has finally entered the 3D realm. With the tech finally up to snuff with the 3DS, a 3D Pokemon game looked possible now. And now we have Pokemon X and Y.

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Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight Confirmed For U.S. Release As Fire Emblem Awakening Release Date Narrows

Harmoknight and FE Awakening

While we’re on the subject of releases, two bits of news came out of Nintendo following their Nintendo Direct a couple of nights back. First up, Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight was confirmed for release in the U.S. Made by Game Freak, the creators of the Pokemon franchise, the gamplay is one part Rhythm Heaven, one part Bit.Trip Runner, and one part Space Channel 5. The game also has music and stages inspired by the Pokemon series. Nintendo states that the game will be coming the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS soon.

The Pokémon Creator’s First Non-Pokémon Game In Ages Is Coming To America [Kotaku]

The next bit of good news is that the release date for Fire Emblem Awakening has narrowed even further to a specific date. It now has an expected release date of February 4th, 2013.

[via Nintendo Direct 12.05.2012, at the 24:45 mark]

Game Freak Making A New Game, And It’s Not Pokemon (Video Included!)

Remember back then when Game Freak made Pulseman? This was before they were heavy into making Pokemon. Sure they had Drill Dozer, but that was in 2005, which was 7 years ago. But now they’re experimenting again, this time with Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight. Revealed in this morning’s Nintendo Direct, It’s a hybrid Action Platformer/Rhythm Game. Think a mix between Theatrhythm meets Rhythm Heaven. A better comparison would be that Platform Hero stage from the upcoming Rayman Legends. I always like it when a company tries something a little different from what they usually do (especially the guys at Game Freak).

Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight is set to release on the 3DS eShop sometime this year (I think). A U.S. release doesn’t look out of the picture since much of the commands are in English, so it may not cost much to bring over.

You can see a video of HarmoKnight it after the break.

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Review: Pokemon Black and White (Black Version)

If you know me, then you know how I feel about the Pokemon games. I’ve been playing Pokemon since Blue came out, and back then I loved every second of it. Battling with my friends, becoming the pokemon league champion, and catching every single pokemon were all parts of this great pokemon journey.

Then as the games kept coming, I slowly started to feel less and less enthusiastic with each new release. Eventually, it came to the point where I started to grow tired of the series, as it felt like more of the same. Sure, there were new pokemon and additions to the games, but ever since Gold, the magic was gone. I wasn’t going to play Pokemon Black/White, but a friend convinced me to give it a try and now here I am, after 50 in-game hours, about to talk about how Pokemon Black made me feel like that young boy who first embarked on his journey to become a pokemon master.

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Review in Progress #5 : Pokemon Black/White (White played, DS)

Status : Main game cleared, Time – 52:42

Final Team : Braviary (55) Reuniclus (50) Zekrom (50) Chandelure (56) Scolipede (50) Seismitoad (50)

Pokemon removed from my final team but still get an honorable mention : Zebstrika, Simisage, Emboar (Thought Zekrom was mandatory, otherwise, he’d have been on the final team)

Still enjoying the boxart!

If you want to see my initial impressions of Pokemon White, look at my article comparing and contrasting that and Okamiden where I gush about how awesome it is. Do those original feelings remain, or did the second half of the game ruin the magic?

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