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The Breakdown – Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the ColossusSystem: Ps2,PS3/Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment/Developer: Team ICO/Players: 1/Initial Release Date: 10-18-05

Over time, you see something in videogame development that turns the tide. Suddenly everyone wants to ride that wave. Then we get used to it, almost to the point of conditioning. Everyone expects a game to have a feature. Think two genres, the Hack n Slash, and the Platformer. In the hack n slash, you expect huge waves of enemies, crazy combos, and some riddles you might solve. Now think about platformers. You expect crazy level design, tricky jumps, and a spin attack. These have become essentials to their respective genres. And then Shadow of the Colossus comes in and dares us to change our perception of these genres. Defying the usual conventions of game design, it dared to do away with a few essentials to drive forth its minimalist approach and to engage the player in a way that hasn’t been since in a long time. How did it work out?

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ICO – My Short Excursion For A Mace…

… Ends in failure. I was playing ICO (from the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection) At the room with the lever and pipes at the top (a little bit after the waterfall), there is a secret room where you can play a game of basketball. Already miffed that I died in the room with the pipes (I slipped off), I had to go and do all the crap that was needed to be done again. So, my sis with the walkthrough still open tell me that I have to hit a tree to get a rock down. So, I bring the rock to the secret room to play basketball. It’s pretty hard to get the rock in there as Ico has some odd strength throwing the rock (but struggles holding on to it). After a few more attempts, the rock does a strange physics hiccup and… this happens! I tried jumping and swinging, hitting the tree that had the rock (there was only one), going far enough and coming back, and nothing. It just stayed perched there like an owl hooting at my misfortune.

Maybe if I fully left the area and returned it might’ve gone back to the tree where I found it. But alas, I didn’t frickin’ feel like it! So to the rock I have this to say: Dumb rock!

Thanks to my sis for taking the picture.