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The Wired Fish Podcast S4 – Episode 3

“Live In Your World. Play In Ours.” That was the slogan for much of the PS2’s lifecycle. While the PS2’s time was long over, that thought was only subjective as games were still being made for it well after its time supposedly passed. Games like Persona 4 and Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier were showed that the PS2 still had a beating heart, but it was obvious that it’s days were numbers (or were in fact up). Finally, Sony stepped in to confirm that manufacturing of all PS2 systems had ceased in all territories earlier this year, marking an end to an era. Not since the Japanese Famicom have we seen a console stay in production this long, even after support for the game dropped to near zero. And thus we look back on the era that kicked off the new millennium, the Playstation 2.

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The Breakdown – ICO

System: PS2, PS3 (reviewed)/Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment/Developer: Team Ico/Players: 1 (2 after beating game)/Released: September 21, 2001, September 27, 2011

Picture if you will, the beginning of a console. From the moment it’s in its concept stages to when it’s finally out the door and into the homes of consumers, the company that makes it wants it to be successful. It does everything in its power to prove that the console is worth your hard-earned dollars. Features, controls, ergonomics, power… all of these are important to the console. But most of all, the games make the console, and it is the games that will shape the future of your console. And so, the company picks from a bushel of games to showcase around the launch period to show the public. You want to wow these people to buy your product. Since this is a new console, everyone’s going to go on about the graphics. Well, here’s a game that can wow you, while doing a few nifty things on the side. This was the reality back during the PS2’s early life when ICO was released. 10 years later, do those same enamored feelings still hold true for ICO? After the jump, I break down ICO.

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ICO – My Short Excursion For A Mace…

… Ends in failure. I was playing ICO (from the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection) At the room with the lever and pipes at the top (a little bit after the waterfall), there is a secret room where you can play a game of basketball. Already miffed that I died in the room with the pipes (I slipped off), I had to go and do all the crap that was needed to be done again. So, my sis with the walkthrough still open tell me that I have to hit a tree to get a rock down. So, I bring the rock to the secret room to play basketball. It’s pretty hard to get the rock in there as Ico has some odd strength throwing the rock (but struggles holding on to it). After a few more attempts, the rock does a strange physics hiccup and… this happens! I tried jumping and swinging, hitting the tree that had the rock (there was only one), going far enough and coming back, and nothing. It just stayed perched there like an owl hooting at my misfortune.

Maybe if I fully left the area and returned it might’ve gone back to the tree where I found it. But alas, I didn’t frickin’ feel like it! So to the rock I have this to say: Dumb rock!

Thanks to my sis for taking the picture.

The Cosplayers of New York Comic-Con

It’s time to take a break from the videos and look at the other attractions that populated Comic Con. No, it wasn’t all the free schwag we got (though we’ll be making an article about that later). It’s the cosplayers, and boy were there many. With the Jacob Javits Center packed to the brim with comic fans, animation and anime fans, and gamers (and nary a jock in sight), you were bound to bump into a cosplayer or two (or, say, seven). As many of you know, cosplay is serious business, and these people were ready to display the best of what they had. We have over 70 pictures, and you can view them all after the break! Continue reading

Team Ico Just Delayed Everything

And I mean everything. The Team Ico Collection (which has Ico and Shadow of the Colossus) and The Last Guardian have all been delayed. *sigh* My Ps2 is aging pretty badly, and it won’t be long before it bites the dust and stops working (it’s a 2002 PS2). I’ve never owned Ico nor Shadow of the Colossus (I do have the demo of Ico though). How much more longer do I have to wait for these two game to get released on the PS3? Till my PS2 dies? *hardsigh*

Fumito Ueda, director of The Last Guardian, stated in a letter to fans, “All the members of my production team are working together at a fast pace to develop and release the game in First Party Studio quality.” He goes on to apologize and states that he’ll announce new dates soon.*hardersigh*

Team Ico Delay [via Kotaku]