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Use These Xenoblade Commercials in Your Youtube Videos

[UPDATE: 3o second version of ~Action~ now up. View after the break]


After seeing that Operation Rainfall made their own trailer for Xenoblade, I decided to jump in and create my own videos for it. But instead of a trailer, I decided to make TV commercials! Three 15 second ones to be exact (with a 30 sec one coming soon). You can read up on the process of how these videos were made in the video descriptions on YT. Now I could’ve made another trailer, but I feel that commercials, particularly the ones for videogames, don’t get as much love. Plus fan-made trailers tend to lean dangerously close to AMV territory. Sure they pop up every freaking time on TV and before a video. But when you sit down and look at a commercial (especially the older ones), you sort of begin to appreciate how the video was made and who it was made for. That and how far we’ve gone in the art of advertising.

But enough about that. We’re here about using them. After the break, the other two commercials and what to do.
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