Brave Fencer Musashi No-mic streaming on jtv (part 3)

Aloha, James here!

I doubt you caught my Brave Fencer Musashi run parts 1 and 2, which is a bummer — there go a few opportunities to make fun of how much I suck.

Expect me to die a great many times.

I didn’t progress too far into the game thankfully, so there is still plenty of chance to watch and bust my balls about how much I suck. My keyboard will be right next to me, so if you have an account, feel free to chat about the game!  I have no problems pausing a sec to respond XD.


Stream done!  Expect chapter 5 and probably 6 next Tuesday since I don’t have a dentist appointment.  Also I’m calling a vote between FB and here, so I’ll fill any reader in :  Taking open votes for my next game stream after Musashi’s finished.  Anything between SNES and Gamecube are eligible.  Give me your worst.

Comment Here. DO IT!

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