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Brave Fencer Musashi No-mic streaming on jtv (part 3)

Aloha, James here!

I doubt you caught my Brave Fencer Musashi run parts 1 and 2, which is a bummer — there go a few opportunities to make fun of how much I suck.

Expect me to die a great many times.

I didn’t progress too far into the game thankfully, so there is still plenty of chance to watch and bust my balls about how much I suck. My keyboard will be right next to me, so if you have an account, feel free to chat about the game!  I have no problems pausing a sec to respond XD.


Stream done!  Expect chapter 5 and probably 6 next Tuesday since I don’t have a dentist appointment.  Also I’m calling a vote between FB and here, so I’ll fill any reader in :  Taking open votes for my next game stream after Musashi’s finished.  Anything between SNES and Gamecube are eligible.  Give me your worst.

Review in Progress #3 : Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

Status : 6 hours in (PS3 Version)

This is the first time using my long intended First Taste section, so to introduce it and elaborate on its purpose, many games I play don’t actually get completed for one reason or another. Writing a full review for a game that I’ve only played half of is just plain wrong, which is where the first taste section comes to play. It’s a temporary space where I can write my opinions between points of play without finalizing which will be periodically updated until the time of completion for the final review, if it ever gets to that point. Call it an incomplete review, I plan to have multiple of these going on simultaneously in the near future, and whether or not the Review in Progress becomes a full Review is up to the game in question.

Oh I get it, They're making the same pose...

Part 1 : First Taste

My first impression of Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom : Cheap Zelda knockoff where you have a buddy constantly follow you and you command him to do stuff while together you work to solve puzzles and save the day. Kinda sounds like Star Fox Adventures.

Star Fox Adventures? Wait a second, I used to shit on that game as a kid all the time until I gave it a random second chance last year and fell in love with it! This is awesome!

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