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Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Announced, Shinovi Versus Localization Teased

Senran Kagura 2 Deep Crimson (5)

Senran Kagura is getting extra Life and a bigger Hometowns as a sequel, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson has been announced by Tamsoft. Starting off the confirmation of the sequel is a the addition of Co-op gameplay. While it wasn’t much of an issue in the original game, it’s odd for a brawler to not have it. So now it’s possible to have team ups like Asuka and Homura, or Haruka and Hibari. Local Co-op is a given, but it’s unknown if there will be online co-op as well. Alongside Co-op will be tag-team.

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Servers For Grand Knights History Shutting Down

Grand Knights History servers closing

Before Dragon’s Crown and its online beat ’em up mayhem, there was Grand Knights History. GKH was a PSP RPG by Vanillaware that was rather online heavy with players choosing a kingdom to align with and going online to face other players and their kingdoms. Two years after release, publisher Marvelous Entertainment has announced that the game’s servers in Japan will be shutting down, effective October 31, 2013. The game was scheduled to be localized by XSEED (with Europe’s Rising Star Games using their translation of the game for European release). However, when Vanillaware’s time, resources, and funds were running low due to Dragon’s Crown development and UTV Ignition shenanigans, XSEED had no choice but to drop the localization. This disappointed Vanillaware fans, hurting even more so knowing that the text translation was complete and it was up to Vanillware to insert and program the English version (which is then followed up by more QA).

Out of morbid curiosity, I asked XSEED’s Hatsuu if there’s any chance of GKH being picked up again and getting released now. I pretty much expected a “no”, and that’s exactly what I got. So sorry Vanillware fans, this is one game we won’t be playing.

Grand Knights History’s Online Service Shutting Down Next Month [Siliconera]

Grand Knights History’s Online Service Shutting Down Next Month

DWG Fighting Tournament Livestream

Ahoy! It’s finally time for another livestream. This time it’s for Destructive World Gaming’s Fighters Club Tournament Series 2013. The games of today will be Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Will you be seeing yours truly here in some way? Who knows. Regardless sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Tournament begins at 4PM. The stream should begin at the same time.

[Note: if you’re seeing this image instead of a stream (minus the watermark and “for staff only” of course), it’s the wrong stream. Click Here to go to the right one. I have yet to figure out this is a WordPress problem or a Twitch problem.
If the right one is showing but nothing is streaming, fear not as there could be pre-recorded after the show.]

6:00 Inferno : Ni no Kuni (part 3)

Periodically I run a live stream called 6:00 Inferno.  It hardly ever starts at 6:00 and things don’t always burn, but I play games both new and old, and I’m always in for the long haul.  Stream details on top of page!

Last time on Inferno :


I obtained my second party member and the ability to summon familiars.  After an hour of fighting or so I also managed to capture the elusive Bananaman pictured above on the left for a quest.

Tonight begins with a volcano and preventing certain disaster.  See you on Inferno!

6:00 Inferno – Ni no Kuni (Part 2)

Periodically I run a live stream called 6:00 Inferno.  It hardly ever starts at 6:00 and things don’t always burn, but I play games both new and old, and I’m always in for the long haul.

Previous games include Pikmin 2, ZombiU, the bulk of The Legend of Zelda : Majora’s Mask (an ongoing project), and the online games I play with friends.  My current game is none other than the recently released


The party at Ding Dong Dell is over, and I’m up to date both in sidequests and bounties killed.  Tonight we head south for the desert!  Hope you’re ready for the heat, cause 6:00 Inferno starts in about 5 minutes!

Introducing The New Streams Page!

Realizing that the only one player is used for all streams, I figured it’d make sense to make it its own page rather than keep making new articles with the same embed over and over and over (thus having the same stream). So, go ahead and click that Stream tab up there (or click here) to see what Daikuma and lslick are up to. Tonight, they play Pokemon Puzzle League  Nevermind that! Something sad has happened. The N64… has passed away. A moment of silence please….

……………………………………………………………………………………………..okay that’s it.

Onward to Pokemon Puzzle Challenge!

Trust me when I say that it’s some funny stuff to watch. The chats are just as funny. Enjoy!

(they’re currently having technical difficulties, but they’ll be up again shortly)

Brave Fencer Musashi No-mic streaming on jtv (part 3)

Aloha, James here!

I doubt you caught my Brave Fencer Musashi run parts 1 and 2, which is a bummer — there go a few opportunities to make fun of how much I suck.

Expect me to die a great many times.

I didn’t progress too far into the game thankfully, so there is still plenty of chance to watch and bust my balls about how much I suck. My keyboard will be right next to me, so if you have an account, feel free to chat about the game!  I have no problems pausing a sec to respond XD.


Stream done!  Expect chapter 5 and probably 6 next Tuesday since I don’t have a dentist appointment.  Also I’m calling a vote between FB and here, so I’ll fill any reader in :  Taking open votes for my next game stream after Musashi’s finished.  Anything between SNES and Gamecube are eligible.  Give me your worst.