First Impressions: Gods Eater Burst

With all the games coming out this month, now is as good a time as any to start up a “first impressions” section. This one is going to be about the game Gods Eater Burst, which is Namco Bandai’s recent take on a Monster Hunter type game. To be honest, I started the game without expecting very much, but I have to say I came out a little impressed.

The action in this game is fast-paced, just the way I like it. Your weapons, God Arcs, have a blade and gun form which can be switched between at will and even during combos. You can also do an attack in “predator mode” (your weapon becomes a demonic face) that can take a bite out of your opponent, granting you heighten stats and special temporary bullets based on the monster devoured.

All in all, God Arcs are pretty cool weapons, but I would like to have seen more weapon types since there are only three kinds of blades and guns. However, the bullet customization helps make up for that. I haven’t gone too far into making my own bullets, but I can see there are a bunch of options to make useful and powerful ammunition. And the amount you can edit them is a little intimidating at first glance. I’m disappointed that they left out a tutorial for bullet crafting, which is easily the most complicated customization mechanic, but seem to have one for everything else.

If you enjoy crafting weapons then you'll feel right at home.

Aside from bullet crafting, the rest of the customizing is easy to do and fun. My God Arc usually is composed of a heavy blade with an assault rifle attachment, but I can quickly change to a faster sword or a more powerful gun if the mission calls for it. There’s also different shield types to equip, as well as optional add-ons that grant you special effects. Plus different weapons do different types of damage, and it’s good to take that into consideration when fighting some of the tougher enemies. And just like in Monster Hunter, you have to slay enemies in order to obtain materials that you can use to create new weapons and clothing. I have to say, I get a fair bit of enjoyment obtaining monster parts and tinkering with my weapon. Yeah, don’t take that the wrong way.

Action and customizing aside, the game tries to throw a story at you. You’re a new recruit in an organization that researches and fights against creatures known as Aragami, who devour anything in their path. It’s up to the player and his/her fellow God Eaters to protect the ruined Japan while bringing back parts of the monsters. The story has been pretty light so far, but I just hit a plot point that seems like it will lead to a few interesting things. But if you’re playing the game, it’s probably not for its story.

There's lots of fighting, but it's pretty fun. Just watch out for this guy...

Overall the plot doesn’t look very groundbreaking, but the interesting setting and fun gameplay is what’s keeping me around. Defeating monsters and then using their parts to upgrade and craft new weapons is very addicting, and the fighting is fun and quick-paced enough that it doesn’t feel like a hassle fighting Aragami a few times for materials. There’s also plenty of other God Eaters who you can have join you on missions, or you can play together with up to three of your friends. If you enjoy a crafting system that isn’t as tedious as the Monster Hunter series and don’t mind a lot of fighting with some anime-like segments in-between, then you’ll probably enjoy Gods Eater Burst.

5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Gods Eater Burst

  1. suikoinfinity

    Not sure if I asked, but is this the type of 4 player game that counts for everybody when you play it, or is it like Dragon Quest/Monster Hunter where you have to do the same missions multiple times?

    Hopefully the first, cause it would become another candidate for us to play XD

  2. Prota Post author

    I definitely know the story missions can be played through together in multiplayer. And according to my research, it seems like everyone gets credit, whether they are hosting or not.

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  4. linkinslide

    Hmm….I don’t know what is up with games n lack of story these days but as I was reading this I was thinking ‘so what about the story’ which…seems not to be so up to par.
    It sounds decent but I am not certain. I don’t know. I think I remember you telling me about this one.


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