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Tron Bonne, Lady, And More Join The Fray In Project X Zone

Confirming the scans that popped up some weeks ago, Tron Bonne has joined the Project X Zone cast of characters. Alongside her is a Servbot (a separate character). She’ll be without her fighting game staple Gustaff and fight on-foot (but will bring her MvC moves with her). Still on the Capcom side there’s Lady from Devil May Cry 3. On the Sega side is Bahn from the cage bashing fighting game Fighting Vipers. Finally on the Namco side, Lindow bumps up the Gods Eater crew to three. And the main characters from prequel Namco X Capcom, Reiji and Xiaomu, will represent Namco.

Character art after the break.

Project X Zone website

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Music of the Month: March

Let me start off by saying that I’m no music expert, we already have someone like that on the site, but I can appreciate a good song. Video games can have some great soundtracks, and I’m sure fellow gamers have had certain game tracks stick out or even go as far as to leave an impact. So I figured, why not do a segment where I pick one or two songs I really enjoy from games I play that month. If others like, they can post their favorite songs of the month as well in the comments section and we’ll all have a nice playlist to listen to. But I think that’s enough of an introduction, let’s starting listening.

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First Impressions: Gods Eater Burst

With all the games coming out this month, now is as good a time as any to start up a “first impressions” section. This one is going to be about the game Gods Eater Burst, which is Namco Bandai’s recent take on a Monster Hunter type game. To be honest, I started the game without expecting very much, but I have to say I came out a little impressed.

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