Vanillaware Reveals New Game, Official Site Already Up

Vanillaware, known for games like Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Odin Sphere, and Grim Grimoire, has revealed it’s latest game. Set for release on the PSP, this game is set to release this Summer in Japan.

According to 1UP, the game is a turn-based rpg, a first for Vanillaware since all they’ve been doing is action-based games. However, this one is going to have online elements too. Players will be able to go online and partake in what Project Director Tomohiko Deguchi calls “a full-on war.” Not sure how this’ll play out since this is turn-based, but I’m guessing it’ll resemble something like the ATB system in a lot of the Final Fantasy games.

So far, Vanillaware has yet to gravely disappoint me. Muramasa was good, but not as good as the phenomenal Odin Sphere. From the music on the official site, this is going to be a great experience musically.

via 1UP and Andriasang

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