Nintendo Press Conference (Starts at 12PM)

Nintendo had a pretty good year last year. Probably one of their best for their Wii and DS. And now, the 3DS is out in the wild. So far, the 3DS launch wasn’t really making the handheld fly off the shelves, and the launch lineup wasn’t really something to write home about. But there are still games to be released on the system in the coming months. With Wii sales slowly starting to fade away, we really know almost nothing for what the future holds for the Wii. Maybe Nintendo will announce that those Japanese (and European, in Xenoblade’s case) exclusives are coming to the US? And what of Project Cafe? What exactly is this thing? Well, stay tuned.

Nintendo’s Press Conference begins at 12PM EST (9AM PST). Once the conference is underway, click the link below to launch the liveblog.

Nintendo Press Conference

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