Are You A Stressed College Student? Take It Out At Lehman’s Fighting Game Tournament!

The semester has just started, but already the work is piling on and the first grades are probably in. We know you’re stressed out already. So here’s your chance to take a break from the mayhem, and break your opponent with a crazy ass combo! This tournament, held by the Bushido Anime Club and VGA, will be taking place at Lehman College’s Student Life Building. The campus is located at 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West, Bronx, NY. If you’re going by train, your best bet is to take the 4 Train or the D Train. This is open to all CUNY students. The Student Life Building is located at the southern section of the campus. You are on the second floor when you enter the building, so you must go downstairs.

Get ready to turn the wheel of fate, and FIGHT!

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