[FAKE] Mega Man Legends 3 Revived, Ditching 3DS for Wii U

In a shocking turn of events (this is Capcom after all), Capcom has confirmed that they’ll be resuming development of Mega Man Legends 3. After evaluating what they had so far before the cancellation and what was left to still develop, they realized that the 3DS may not have the space required for what they want to implement. Weighing the options, they decided to move this game to the Wii U. When asked why they decided on the Wii U, a representative replied “We felt that as a company, we want to appeal to a many consumers as possible, and we feel that the Wii U and its Tablet Controller has the potential for that.” Typical canned response, though they probably want to make nice with Nintendo after nixing their initial plans with the 3DS version.

As for why they revived the project, another rep responded “We didn’t quite meet the quota that was expected with some of our recent releases.” And what about Inafune? And the work that the fans submitted to the DevRoom last year. “We haven’t heard anything from him. But I’m certain he wishes the dev team the best of luck. As for the DevRoom submissions, we will bring those back but on a more limited basis. We want to be careful and not displease any fans in the event another cancellation, or something similar, happens.”

So far Capcom is keeping mum on how they will use the tablet controller of the Wii U. But they were nice enough to give us a few screenshots. There’s no specific release date, but Capcom has said that they’re aiming for an early April 2013 release.

Screenshots after the break.

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