Retro Weekends – Mega Man Legends 2

For some odd reason, longtime fans of the Mega Man series weren’t too thrilled about Mega Man’s jump to 3D and playing it like an RPG. But there were still fans of the original Legends and, to this day, still talk about it. So Capcom saw fit to make a sequel to it, Mega Man Legends 2, and continue the story that the original left open. The Bonnes have returned to less money, Glyde’s crew is on the rise, and the secret to Mega Man Volnutt’s past is about to be revealed. We continue Mega March with Mega Man Legends 2.

Previously on Mega Man Legends!

In the first game, Mega Man Volnutt, Roll, Barrel, and Data crash-landed on Kattelox Island. While there, the looked for parts to repair the Flutter, the aircraft they use to fly around. While there, they decided to explore the many ruins of Kattelox and maybe score some money and clues on the Mother Lode, a treasure said to be very valuable. Along the way they encounter The Bonne Family, who also have the same goal in mind. Fast forward to the end of the game, and it is revealed by MegaMan Juno that Volnutt, whose real name is MegaMan Trigger, and he are descendants of an age gone by. Juno wishes to activate the island’s Carbon Purification Program, which would purge the island of its people. Volnutt stops him, but Juno transfers his data into the program to control if directly. Data (the save monkey) intervenes and overrides Juno’s command. Data then explains to Volnutt that what Juno said about him was right, and that Volnutt had transferred his memories to Data (when he was still Trigger) so that it wouldn’t be used by Eden, the system that housed the Purification program. Data does promise to restore Volnutt’s memory when he’s ready. The game ends with some questions still unanswered and with a “To Be Continued”

Legends 2 begins with a woman named Yuna trying to warn the people on the flying ship The Sulphur Bottom to not investigate the forbidden island. Von Bluecher and his people (which includes Barrel Casket) ignore the warning, to which Yuna and her partner Gatz attack the ship in hopes of changing their minds. After a short firefight, the Sulphur Bottom is shot out of the air, and descends into Forbidden Island, the one place Yuna hoped they wouldn’t go into. MegaMan Volnutt and Roll see all this transpire on TV and are shocked. They make a brief stop at the town of Yosyonke to get the parts required to build a Dropship since the Flutter can’t fly through the storm surrounding the Forbidden Island. Upon entering and investigating the island, Volnutt finds a large refractor protected by a massive mammoth-like Reaverbot. Upon defeat it, the walking T-Rating Sera and her partner Geetz descends from the diamond floating above the scene of the battle. No one knows who she is or why she’s there. Geetz explains that if they wish to find the Mother Lode, they need four keys from four different islands. Bluecher and Barrel leave that up to Volnutt.

On the development side of things, Inafune still expressed interest in wanting to continue the story of Mega Man Legends. In between both games, Capcom released The Misadventure of Tron Bonne, a prequel to Mega Man Legends that detailed the Bonne family’s rise to fame. It included a demo of Legends 2. MML2 would bring with it improved graphics, more islands to explore, more creepy ruins, and a deeper story that would explain a bit more about Mega Man Volnutt’s past.

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