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Shantae and Mighty No. 9: A Tale of Two Crowdfunding Projects

Shantae and Mighty No. 9

Two companies, two games, one common meeting ground. Crowdfunding has been something of a livesaver for projects that probably would never see the light of day through regular means, or save a project from near death. Since the boom of Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter campaign, many indie game companies have looked toward sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get their projects off the ground. Skullgirls‘ DLC characters, Shovel Knight, Shadow of the Eternals (on hold as of this writing), and Yatagarasu has made a name for themselves on such crowdfunding sites. This month saw the addition of two more shining stars in the roster of crowdfunded games: Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 and Wayforward’s Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero. So how did they come about, and how did they do?

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Characters Confirmed So Far For Super Smash Bros. 4

Characters so far for SSB4

Super Smash Bros 4. (if you haven’t noticed the sly pun) was finally revealed during Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation this year. Along with some returning favorites, we were acquainted with a few new faces. Since the initial E3 trailers, we’ve had a steady stream of info coming in from both the Miiverse SSB Community and the official SSB4 website, and with them some more veterans. So, who’s been revealed so far? Hit the jump and let’s review.

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Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 9/24/12

Another Weekend is here, and it’s time fro another Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up. This week we covered originals and remakes. The way it worked was that I talked about the first appearance of a song and put it together with its most recent version. Only the recent versions got the embeds, so I can still showcase the originals on their own in the future. This week we met Gilgamesh on the Big Bridge. Then we had a Deadline to meet in Revelations Persona and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (PSP). We explored an endless battlefield in the World of Mana with Final Fantasy Adventure and Dawn of Mana. We went underwater in Mega Man X2 and X5. And finally, it was a throwback day with Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

If you want to see the music as it goes up (and not wait every Saturday for these wrap-ups), remember to go to our Tumblr page and follow it. Music for Night-Time Listenings goes up every weekday at 10PM

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The Blue Blur And The Blue Bomber Are Doing A Crossover In Comic Book Form

Archie Comics has revealed that they’ll be doing a 12-comic crossover between Sonic The Hedgehog and Megaman. Kaminski was approached with the concept last year just before New York Comic Con, to which he contacted the two series’ writer Ian Flynn. “His response was, ‘I have been writing that story since we began the Mega Man title,’ ” Kaminski says. “Of course, I thought he was joking, but not an hour later my inbox was flooded with Sonic/Mega Man story synopses.”

I’ve only read just a handful of Mega Man comics, and I got them at New York Comic Con for very dirt cheap. I always wondered about the Megaman series as told by Archie comics, and I came away very impressed with the art and writing. And this crossover isn’t as weird as some would think. Both universes have evil scientists, both create robots to do their bidding, and both have blue heroes that kick their asses. Oh yeah, this’ll definitely be on my radar to look for.

The Sonic/Mega Man 12-part crossover is scheduled for release in 2013.

Now if only we can get something like this going in Project X Zone

Mega Man and Sonic Unite In Epic Archie Series Crossover [Game Overviews, via GetMeOffTheMoon]

Retro Weekends – Mega Man II

And here we are, the last Mega Man game for Mega March (sorta). This weekend, we go back in time to talk about the game that many Mega Man fans herald as the best of the series; the pebble that started the avalanche. Whether it was for its gameplay, its music, or its weapons, Mega Man II has found its way into many top ten lists, music remixes, and tons of fan art. And so, we end off Mega March with the last game I’ve played so far, Mega Man II. Why is it the last so far? Well, hit the jump to find out.

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Retro Weekends – Mega Man Legends 2

For some odd reason, longtime fans of the Mega Man series weren’t too thrilled about Mega Man’s jump to 3D and playing it like an RPG. But there were still fans of the original Legends and, to this day, still talk about it. So Capcom saw fit to make a sequel to it, Mega Man Legends 2, and continue the story that the original left open. The Bonnes have returned to less money, Glyde’s crew is on the rise, and the secret to Mega Man Volnutt’s past is about to be revealed. We continue Mega March with Mega Man Legends 2.

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[FAKE] Mega Man Legends 3 Revived, Ditching 3DS for Wii U

In a shocking turn of events (this is Capcom after all), Capcom has confirmed that they’ll be resuming development of Mega Man Legends 3. After evaluating what they had so far before the cancellation and what was left to still develop, they realized that the 3DS may not have the space required for what they want to implement. Weighing the options, they decided to move this game to the Wii U. When asked why they decided on the Wii U, a representative replied “We felt that as a company, we want to appeal to a many consumers as possible, and we feel that the Wii U and its Tablet Controller has the potential for that.” Typical canned response, though they probably want to make nice with Nintendo after nixing their initial plans with the 3DS version.

As for why they revived the project, another rep responded “We didn’t quite meet the quota that was expected with some of our recent releases.” And what about Inafune? And the work that the fans submitted to the DevRoom last year. “We haven’t heard anything from him. But I’m certain he wishes the dev team the best of luck. As for the DevRoom submissions, we will bring those back but on a more limited basis. We want to be careful and not displease any fans in the event another cancellation, or something similar, happens.”

So far Capcom is keeping mum on how they will use the tablet controller of the Wii U. But they were nice enough to give us a few screenshots. There’s no specific release date, but Capcom has said that they’re aiming for an early April 2013 release.

Screenshots after the break.

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Retro Weekends – Mega Man X4

Continuing onward through Mega March, we hit the next game in the list, Mega Man X4. Things started to get a little serious with this entry. With a story that first started out as something you’d see in a Saturday morning cartoon, the storyline of Mega Man X4 resembled something you’d probably see for teen’s programing (if the U.S. ever had one). And now at the dawn of a new system (two actually), Mega Man X4 makes its debut on the Playstation and SEGA Saturn and completely skips the N64. New stages, new bosses, new cutscenes, and the full ability to play as Zero, Mega Man X4 was everything a Mega Man fan hoped for back then. So, let’s jump right in!

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Retro Weekends – Mega Man X

Sorry for the lack of a Retro Weekend last week. Admittedly, I couldn’t think of another old fighting game to talk about that I played (since most of them I had little time with). But now, I’ve got something. Four actually for the month of Mega March. Yep, this month is all about Mega Man. What games will they be? Well, you’ll have to tune in every week to find out. But if you want to know ahead of time, remember to check out our Facebook page. We give updates on what we got planned next sometimes. But enough of the tangents. Onward to the first game of Mega March: Mega Man X!

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