Retro Weekends – Mega Man II

First Contact

If you read my Retro Weekend on Mega Man X, you’ll see that that was the first Mega Man game I played. From childhood until just a few years ago, I never played a classic Mega Man game. Ever. The first one I played was Mega Man 9 on WiiWare. As a kid, simply looking at the name “Mega Man X,” I had a feeling this was a sort of step up from the classic series and that there must be something on the NES. Come the release of Mega Man 7 and my childhood friend showing me, and it confirmed my suspicions that there was a regular series on the NES. Now as for Mega Man II, I finally saw something of it from GameInformer when they did a Classic GI segment detailing their memorable moments from the game. I essentially spoiled the game for me by reading this. But it did peak my interest in getting the game eventually. When Capcom released Mega Man 9, I knew it was only a matter of time before Capcom release Mega Man II. And they did. So after two decades since release, I finally played Mega Man II for the first time on the Virtual Console.

Memorable Moments

Like I said, I did spoil the game by reading that article and pretty much immersing myself in the music and fandom around the game. But I will share a few things that stick out from my time with the game. Now, I’ve been through some dumb shit when it came to the disappearing blocks in Mega Man 9. But I finally see what people were went nuts over when they first experienced this. The blocks appear in Heat Man’s stage. At one part of the stage there is an expanse of lava that can only be traversed by jumping on these blocks (or using Item-2). One false jump, and it’s instant death via lava. Now you’re probably thinking “You died did you?” Of course I did. But this wasn’t the bullshit part. That came in the section where you had to jump on disappearing blocks to go over some walls. Thing is on one of those walls lies a single block to get you over. The floor is the same width of the block and Mega Man. So it disappears and I decide to just wait on the floor and jump from there. I realize that it’ll reappear promptly and there won’t be enough time to jump. So I figured “eh, I’ll just let it overlap my head and I’ll try again after this.” It reappears and pushes me off the floor and into the pit! And thus I learned that this game does not adhere to certain NES conventions where if something overlaps you, you simply clip through (or be pushed out slowly). Here, the pushing was instant.

The next moment involved Wily’s Stage. Being entrenched in Mega Man music, everywhere you go you hear someone talk about Wily Stage 1 and the song being the pinnacle of NES music. But all this time I wondered what the stage looked like. Strangely enough I never saw what Wily’s stage looked like in the screenshots, or at least the first stage. And so I beat all the Robot Masters and it was finally time to enter his stage. I enter, and there it was, the stage and the song in its original form. It was… okay. I was a bit disappointed with the stage (probably because I played Mega Man 9 first), but it was an okay introduction. Now Stage 2 (which also had the theme) was pretty damn hard!

Finally, around last year the college clubroom I was part of was hosting an event called “Glitch A Game Day,” and we demonstrated certain glitches that could be done to certain games. It was all for humor of course. So I was going to show some old-school glitches, but I only had one which was the Monkey-Humping glitch in Donkey Kong Country. I showed it and it got a good laugh. But like a dumbass, I didn’t research more games that had humorous glitches beforehand. Since I was using the Wii, I pulled up Mega Man II since I knew it was bound to have some wacky glitch. I then looked up some info on MMII glitches using the PSP internet browser and found a really crazy one involving Air Man’s Boss Room. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work then. But when I went back home, looked up a video, and tried it out myself, woah. You can see the glitch for yourself below.

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