The Man Behind Tekken Takes Disgruntled Fans To School

He mad yo! After hearing enough whining from Tekken fans about changes to the voices of the characters, Katsuhiro Harada took to Twitter to address these fans. It’s a long one, but the basic jist of his schooling is that he’s heard people bitch about how Namco’s changed the voice actors to much of the Tekken fighters as the installments go by. This is in part to the changes made to recording technology, equipment, and format being different from how it was 15 years ago. He uses Brian Fury and his maniacal laugh as an example of a voice they’ve reused over and over (at the request of fans who like his laugh). While his voice actor is a different one from back then, the voice file for the laughing is still the same one from Tekken 3 (Brian’s debut game). He points out that the laughing voice sounds different from his normal voice, which in turn make his voice inconsistent. But he keeps it because fans would be upset if they changed it.

He also mentions that voice actors sometimes cannot replicate the same voice over the years for many reasons, including voices changing, vocal health, retirement, or contracts/rights. He pleads with them, but sometimes they have to make due with the new blood. I say good on him that he’s stepping in to shut fans up. Some would wonder why I’m giving him the pass while others get the boot. Well, compared to them, Harada (and other veterans of the industry) have been in the business for a while and know their shit. As I always say: Be a pro before you can be a dick. You can read the tweet in its entirety on Kotaku.

Tekken Head Unleashes Twitter Tirade [Kotaku]

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