PlayStation 4 Conference Wrap-Up

PS4 Logo

Today marked the next step in the transition to the Next Generation. Sony revealed the much rumored PlayStation 4, the successor to the PS3. In the conference they revealed the Dualshock 4, a controller similar to the Dualshocks before it, only this time sporting a front-facing touchpad similar to the back-facing Playstation Vita. Sony also revealed its plans to utilize cloud services thanks to its purchasing of Gaikai. Above all, they showed off the games that they’ll be bringing to the table when the PS4 launches this holiday, 2013. After the break, a visual rundown of what went down during the conference.

Note: images are of from the livestream of the conference, hence the visual quality is not the same as what was seen in person or what will be seen at launch.

PS4 Conference 4

Near the beginning of the conference the Dualshock 4 controller was shown. Taking on the same form factor of previous Dualshocks, a touchpad has been added to the front of the controller. In some of the close-up shots, the pattern from the Vita’s backpanel touchpad is shown, suggesting that it will have the same technology at that touchpad. The controller also sports a share button (to the upper left of the touchpad), enabling players to share their gameplay through PSN and also livestream their gameplay to friends and more.

PS4 Conference 6-4 The first game revealed was Knack, a game that resembles a Pixar movie. The hero, Knack, is an experiemnt can take on many forms, including a hulking giant.

PS4 Conference 6-5

Jumping ahead a bit, the guys showed off Knack being played remotely with the Playstation Vita. It was also mentioned that the PS4 will has a Suspend Play Mode similar to the sleep mode of current handhelds where you can temporarily save your game and put the PS4 into a low-powered state. When you’re ready to play again, you simply wake up the system with a button press and you’re right back in the game without having to through the whole bootup>choose game>company icons>title screen>load save shenanigans.

PS4 Conference 16

Moving back now, Guerilla Games took the stage to showcase the next game in the Killzone series, Killzone: Shadowfall. The setting of this latest Killzone looks more futuristic resort-like than previous entries. Though it was only a matter of time before things started blowing up.

PS4 Conference 22

The next game, Drive Club, got me really interested in it. Developer Evolution are pushing Team Based driving, similar to today’s racing teams in NASCAR and F-1. Racing games have always been a sort of free-for-all affair, only rarely doing team-based driving (only one I could think of off the top of my head is I think one of the Mario Kart games with the Red Team-Blue Team thing). They showed how you can challenge other teams and set stipulations. You can also race other teams in real-time and also check stats of other teams on the game itself and through mobile devices.

PS4 Conference 25

Next, Sucker Punch (sporting a new logo) revealed inFAMOUS: Second Son. Nate Fox started talking about how the U.S. today has been monitoring us, collecting data and practically Big Brothering us to death (literally),all to make us feel safe. However that safety comes at the cost of freedom. The hero is out to stop the government from taking anymore of our freedoms. The hero here is also a superhero, similar to Cole. But he’s not human Pikachu. It looked like he possessed pyrokinesis, while at the same time some unknown looking wind power. He does however possess super speed.

PS4 Conference 28

Braid mastermind Jonathan Blow took the stage to showcase his company’s latest game The Witness. He says that the game is an open world game, except he said that while other tend to make open world games very large and thus pad gameplay length (his words not mine). He’s trying to make the world smaller but full of detail. The game is a puzzle game he says, but the gameplay portion is a mystery. A path is drawn out on a signpost, and then something happens. Hope we see more of this game explained soon.

PS4 Conference 32-3

Quantic Dream took the stage, talking about how movies, at first, had actors more exaggerated moves since things were silent. As time went on, the more and more things were taken into account, like camera movement, makeup, cg, audio quality, etc. They then showcased a tech demo featuring a highly detailed old man expressing emotions, detailing how now it is possible to showcase emotion at a smaller lever without exaggeration.

PS4 Conference 35

Media Molecule took the stage, revealing a surprise guest in this conference: The Move Controller! Not sure how they’ll be utilizing this in their next game, or what their next game even is. The ended their part with a small concert, bring back horrible, horrible memories of Nintendo Wii Music presentation. Thankfully the music sounded pre-recorded, so things went fine.

PS4 Conference 38 Sony took the stage again to tell the public that “virtually every company is supporting the PS4”.

PS4 Conference 39

Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono took the stage to showcase their ending, codenamed Panta Rhei “the next evolutionary next in the MT Framework technology”. He showcased Capcom’s latest game, Deep Down, which seems to be a spelunking meets Monster Hunter meets Dark Souls sort of game.

PS4 Conference 65

Recognize this? Next was Square Enix. All they showed was Agni’s Philosophy again. Absolutely nothing new was shown here, other than showing the tech demo running on PS4. So we’ll skip this part. Although, Final Fantasy brand manager did show up to announce that they’ll reveal their next Final Fantasy game at this year’s E3.

PS4 Conference 49

Ubisoft took the stage to show their E3 heavy hitter Watch Dogs. The new demo showed more hacking madness, and this time we see the hero playing vigilante, saving a women from being killed. However the lady calls the cops, and he has to hightail it outta there. As he runs, we see him hacking into car barricade system to raise it up to stop a car. He jump on top of an elevated train, to which we see the hero himself getting hacked by an unknown hacker (similar to the first demo back in E3).

Diablo III

Diablo III

PC developer Blizzard Entertainment took the stage, revealing that they’ll be bringing over Diablo III to the PS4. They also revealed that the game will be released on the PS3 as well. The would mark the first time Diablo has appeared on a console. Given the controversy surround last year’s launch of the game, I’m curious if they’ll make this launch go off without a hitch.



Finally former Halo developer Bungie took the stage to showcase their recently revealed game Destiny. Having a contract with Activision, they’ll be making this game a multiplatform game, and they stated that there will be exclusive content for the PS4 version.

PS4 Reelase Date

PS4 Release Date

And finally, the release date for the PS4. It’ll be expected to release this year around the Holiday season. Not revealed was a price point.

There are still many questions left unanswered, and we may have to wait around E3 for more info. Stay tuned for a Captains Speaketh article coming soon where we talk a bit further about our reaction to the PS4 reveal.

In the meantime, enjoy a gallery of the rest of the images taken from the livestream.

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