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PlayStation 4 Conference Wrap-Up

PS4 Logo

Today marked the next step in the transition to the Next Generation. Sony revealed the much rumored PlayStation 4, the successor to the PS3. In the conference they revealed the Dualshock 4, a controller similar to the Dualshocks before it, only this time sporting a front-facing touchpad similar to the back-facing Playstation Vita. Sony also revealed its plans to utilize cloud services thanks to its purchasing of Gaikai. Above all, they showed off the games that they’ll be bringing to the table when the PS4 launches this holiday, 2013. After the break, a visual rundown of what went down during the conference.

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Art of the Week: Feature 3 – vancamelot

This week we cover an artist that brings a smile to your face. vancamelot, real name Ivan Camelo, appeared on the scene around 2008, with his main base of operations being on deviantART. I first discovered vancamelot on the group Fighting-Game-Elite, where his artstyle caught my eye as I was clearing my message center. His style of art is very upbeat and could even be considered cute in some circles. His fanart covers properties including Marvel and DC Comics, Street Fighter, movies, and others like Gears of War as seen above. He uses simple shapes and proportions to build the images, almost like cutting construction paper. But he’s not afraid to get into detail, again, like the Gears of War image up there. Further perusing of his older artwork shows that he’s done other types of art as well, and may be tapping into elements of what he’s done then to use now. One striking image I found that I wish I could show here is one he did of Zero as a samurai. It’s amazing how he used the different patterns in the outfit he made for him.

You can catch vancamelot’s gallery over on deviantART. Hit the jump to see a sample of his work.

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Review in Progress #12 : Infamous 2

Status : Good story route cleared (hard).

One of my most anticipated sequels of the year, Infamous 2 released with some pretty big shoes to fill. The original is one of my favorite PS3 games and with some pretty big changes such as the city you play in and the protagonist, Cole Mcgrath’s voice actor being replaced with some other guy. Another cause for concern was the addition of many online features such as the ability to create missions and share them for all other players via the internet. Did Sucker Punch develop a good single player experience, or did the online overhaul take priority and ruin the fun of the original?

It's strange that the boxart draws my attention to Cole's blue hand than anything else

To get it out of the way, Cole’s new voice actor is terrible. Ever watch a tv show or cartoon where the token nerd has a weird speech impediment that makes every “S” come out like a “Sh”? Imagine that guy trying to sound like a badass. I think I heard “YESH” enough times to make M. Bison jealous.

You stole my meme, New-Cole!

 Maybe it’s just me, but Cole seems to magnetize to a nearby surface while jumping much more frequently. I died a couple of times just because I’m trying to jump over something and wind up grabbing an unrelated ledge on the way and hanging like a jackass while dying. Also, if you’re as much a fan of the slo-mo death scenes in the first game as I was, you’ll be happy to know that they make a return, funny noises and all!

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