New Dragon’s Crown Trailer And Release Date For Japan And U.S.

Atlus said that they’d divulge new info on Dragon’s Crown today, and they’ve done just that. They released a new trailer, showing off a slew of new characters that we haven’t seen before. After the flourish of player characters, we see what looks to be a king and a queen (or maybe an artisan and a queen?). Right after them is a knight with with a sword through his chest holding a scroll, a priest, and a rather burly knight (the same knight from the initial reveal). We see a different merchant this time around, probably from the same guild as the other one we saw before. We then see a burly Conan-The-Barbarian looking dude and a menacing woman afterwards. Enemies perhaps? Then we see a man from the eyes of someone holding out his hands, a woman draped in a white gown lounging, and a mouse dancing someone’s hand.

That’s quite a bit to take in. And so we finally see some gameplay, and as we expected, this is a brawler in the same vein as the classic Golden Axe, albeit with a lot more stuff happening on screen. From the UI, we see that you can assign your character a name. Each character also seems to be holding an item with them, probably what they find in battle since they hold different ones in different scenes. It looks like there’s an MP system in place, mostly likely for character abilities and not just for magic. The battles look intense as well. We can even see all player characters die in one scene with “Dead” over each of their windows. And the boss battles evoke that massive, screen-filling scale Vanillarare’s bosses are known for.

Finally, a release date. Dragon’s Crown is set to release in Japan on July 25th of this year. No word yet on the NA release date, but IGN reports that ours is set two weeks later, on August 6th.

Dragon’s Crown Latest Gameplay Trailer PS3 PS Vita (JP) [Youtube]

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