Dragon’s Crown North American Website Finally Updated

Dragon's Crown Website

In the midst of all the tasty hoopla surrounding Dragon’s Crown, I thought why don’t I go check out the website of the game I covered extensively since its UTV Ignition days. I already knew that the Japanese site was updated with new U.I. and enchanting music courtesy of Hitoshi Sakimoto. So I wondered if the North American site was still the same as we saw it when UTV was still publishing it. Lo and behold, they did give it the same facelift that the Japanese site had gotten, though it probably took long for them to change it. Last time I checked was around the release of the Sorceress trailer.

The new design comes with some neat info on each of the character classes and how they’ll be dishing out the pain. They’ve even added those mesmerizing idle animations for each character. I mean god, look at them! The Fighter’s armor plates swaying, everything on the Sorceress, and that badass billowing coat on the Wizard! Sad I probably won’t main him (kinda still deciding between Sorceress, Elf, or Fighter), but hey, to each his own. Clicking on them makes them walk for a bit as well.

Dragon's Crown Princess Vivian

Checking out the “How To Play” section shows the flow of gameplay and reveals more about the characters we saw in March trailer. Among them are Princess Vivian, who’ll request that you do certain royal duties. Guildmaster Samuel, the one you report to when you take on and fulfill requests. Rannie, the coin-flipping mystery man who’ll pick locks for you, and his partner Tiki the Fairy who’ll point out secrets you might miss. Think Navi, but hopefully without the annoyance.

While somewhat minor, I’m happy to report that the images of Amazon and Sorceress have been restored. On the previous website design (now offline), when Atlus took over publishing duties, they had censored out these two on the North American version of the site at the request of the ESRB, leaving only their facial portraits. Only the Japanese site still had them. If you visit The Wired Fish, you know I’m against any form of censorship, even if it’s for things I don’t like. Well, I really, really like this game already, and would hate to see something blocked ’cause a select few are scared of boingy bits. So good on you Atlus!

Now if only Atlus took back Dragon’s Crown‘s Facebook and Twitter accounts from UTV Ignition…

Dragon’s Crown Official North American Site

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