Duck Tales Remastered Revealed, Being Developed By WayForward [UPDATE] Gameplay Video Included

Well holy damn, who’d-a thought Duck Tales would be seeing a remake? Okay everyone wanted to see a remake, but Disney’s stance on their old Capcom-developed NES games was an unwavering “don’t care” or silence. For this remake, Capcom’s tapping into their old buddies WayForward, who previously published the first Shantae on Gameboy Color.

The reveal trailer starts off very serious, with quotes pulled from some of the game industry’s biggest creators. Then that ever catchy theme song starts up an plays in its entirety. While this ear-worm plays, we see some gameplay footage, and ohhhhh man I’m liking what I see. Much of what made the original NES game a hit is intact. Pogo-cane jumping, golf-club swinging, and then some. Many enemies make a return too with some amusing KO animations, like the mummy unraveling before falling off-screen. There’s also some locales I don’t remember seeing in the original NES game (or maybe it’s been so long that I don’t remember). I wonder how WayForward will handle The Moon Theme. Anyway, I’ll shut up and let you enjoy the trailer, unless you already watched it.

[UPDATE] Capcom Unity archived gameplay of Duck Tales on their Twitch Account. You can see it after the break.

Duck Tales Remastered – Announcement Trailer [HD] [Youtube, via Kotaku]

I think it should be a rule that you get someone who knows how to play the the game to, y’know, play the game. Then again this was probably a spur of the moment thing and the stream got started as this guy got playing. One thing the rep makes note of is that the bosses from the original game will get an overhaul and offer more of a challenge than their NES counterparts. In the original, most of the bosses were very easy once you got down their pattern. Magica here fights much different than she did back in the NES, raining down beams and hiding in mirrors while Scrooge delivers some Senior Justice. At one point in the battle, we can kinda hear the remastered boss music. It’s around the 3:40 mark the guy goes silent and we can hear the music.

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