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Top 10 DLC Fighters I’d Like To See In Smash 4

Top Smash Characters header

When Super Smash Bros. 4 was set to launch for the the next generation of platforms, we hoped for the possibility of new fighters arriving in the form of DLC. We’ve wanted something like this since Brawl, however such a thing would not happen or just not be feasible. But with Smash 4, we’ve now been graced with four DLC fighters: Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, and Ryu. And for the first time ever, Nintendo has opened the floodgates and is letting the entire world vote for their favorite characters to be added as a fighter to SSB4’s roster. The Smash Fighter Ballot had already concluded on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015. But figured I might as well share who I feel would be a great addition the Smash roster. So hit the jump to see who my picks are.

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Wanna Play As A Tinkerbat In The VC Version of Shantae?

Shantae Debug and Tinkerbat (4)

A user by the name of Gary (username WarioBrose) on Miiverse shared with the newly created Shantae community a code to enter the debug mode of Shantae. On the title screen, hit the following directions:

Left (×2), right (×8), left (×6), right (×2), left (×7), right (×6), left (×8).

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Shantae and Mighty No. 9: A Tale of Two Crowdfunding Projects

Shantae and Mighty No. 9

Two companies, two games, one common meeting ground. Crowdfunding has been something of a livesaver for projects that probably would never see the light of day through regular means, or save a project from near death. Since the boom of Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter campaign, many indie game companies have looked toward sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get their projects off the ground. Skullgirls‘ DLC characters, Shovel Knight, Shadow of the Eternals (on hold as of this writing), and Yatagarasu has made a name for themselves on such crowdfunding sites. This month saw the addition of two more shining stars in the roster of crowdfunded games: Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 and Wayforward’s Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero. So how did they come about, and how did they do?

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Mighty Switch Force 2 Ready To Switch It Up Next Week

Now isn’t this a big surprise. Last we heard about Mighty Switch Force 2, developer WayForward said in early May that development was a wrap and what was left was “testing, testing, and more testing.” While also alluding to finals season for colleges, actual game testing varies from game to game. But now it looks like that phase has finished and the game is set for release.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 Trailer

Mighty Switch Force 2 “Is A Wrap”, HyperDrive Edition Updating With A New Character

Mighty Switch Force 2 (3)

WayForward, via their blog, have reported that they have wrapped up development on Mighty Switch Force 2.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 is a wrap!  It’s pencils down for the dev team. Next stop, testing, testing, and more testing. Poor Patty… not even cybernetic citizens of Planet Land can escape the wrath of final exams.

If you missed the original announcement (or forgot), MSF star Patricia Wagon is now a Fire Fighter and must save the now reformed Hooligan Sisters. Check out the previous article for info and screenshots.

In other Mighty Switch Force news, the HyperDrive Edition on Wii U is getting an update. This update will include fixed audio levels, a smaller file size, and a new Pixel Patty character. My guess is that this will be Patty as she appeared in the 3DS version. WayForward states that they’ll announce a release date “soon”.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 News, MSFHD Update Details! [WayForward Blog]

Screw You Ebay/Amazon! Shantae Coming To 3DS Virtual Console This Summer

Shantae Virtual Console

Dancin' for joy!

Dancin’ for joy!

With the might of a hundred clasping fists, I raise my hand in the air with absolute jubilee! Last year came news that the original Gameboy Color game Shantae might come to the 3DS virtual console. Wayforward’s Matt Bozon confirmed today via Twitter that the it will be released this summer. “Shantae Virtual Console update: looks like mid June-early July. Will keep you posted!” the tweet reads. This comes as WayForward continues to kick much ass on Nintendo’s handheld, prepping Mighty Switch Force 2 and Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse.

This also comes as the equally expensive Earthbound was announced for the Wii U’s virtual console last week. If you traverse the secondhand market regularly, you’ll see that prices for these games tend to be very high. Shantae here was one of the last GBC games released, becoming rare right from the get-go. The asking price on eBay usually hovers around $200, sometimes even higher. Amazon is no better. Keeping the price up was most likely the lack of any kind of re-release of this game (like Earthbound). There’s also the fact that most emulators can’t handle Shantae, with the only compatible one (that I know of) being rather terrible.

Hopefully this should drop those physical prices down hard, should you decide to go that route. I’ll be playing this on my shiny new 3DS XL!

Shantae hitting 3DS VC sometime around June/July [GoNintendo, via NintendoLife]

Duck Tales Remastered Revealed, Being Developed By WayForward [UPDATE] Gameplay Video Included

Well holy damn, who’d-a thought Duck Tales would be seeing a remake? Okay everyone wanted to see a remake, but Disney’s stance on their old Capcom-developed NES games was an unwavering “don’t care” or silence. For this remake, Capcom’s tapping into their old buddies WayForward, who previously published the first Shantae on Gameboy Color.

The reveal trailer starts off very serious, with quotes pulled from some of the game industry’s biggest creators. Then that ever catchy theme song starts up an plays in its entirety. While this ear-worm plays, we see some gameplay footage, and ohhhhh man I’m liking what I see. Much of what made the original NES game a hit is intact. Pogo-cane jumping, golf-club swinging, and then some. Many enemies make a return too with some amusing KO animations, like the mummy unraveling before falling off-screen. There’s also some locales I don’t remember seeing in the original NES game (or maybe it’s been so long that I don’t remember). I wonder how WayForward will handle The Moon Theme. Anyway, I’ll shut up and let you enjoy the trailer, unless you already watched it.

[UPDATE] Capcom Unity archived gameplay of Duck Tales on their Twitch Account. You can see it after the break.

Duck Tales Remastered – Announcement Trailer [HD] [Youtube, via Kotaku]

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Patricia Wagon Is A Firefighter In Mighty Switch Force 2

Mighty Switch Force 2 (3)

Feels like yesterday when WayForward confirmed that a Mighty Switch Force sequel was underway. But little did we know was that the game’s main star, Patricia Wagon, would be something other than a police officer. In Mighty Switch Force 2, Patricia is now a firefighter and is trying to put out fires breaking out all over Tangent City. The Hooligan Sisters from the first game are back, and they’re good girls now. So now you have to save them instead of capture them. Judging by the screenshots of the game, there’s going to be some tricky water puzzles to deal with on top of the rescuing and firefighting.

WayForward sets the release date as “soon” for North America and Europe and will be available on the Nintendo eShop. I wonder if they’re will be a Hyperdrive version of this too… Screenshots after the break.

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Mighty Switch Force Getting a Sequel

Mighty Switch Force 2

A direct one at that (unlike other Mighty games)! Jonathan Homes over at Destructoid was told by Austin Ivansmith of Wayforward that they’ll be making Mighty Switch Force 2 for the 3DS and are hoping to get it ready for either Q1 or Q2 of this year. It was also confirmed that Patricia Wagon, the game’s protagonist, won’t be catching criminal girls, but instead doing something else. Ivansmith also told Holmes that the original composer, Virt, will be returning for the sequel and that he’s some of those songs at MAGFest.

To celebrate this news, WayForward put Mighty Switch Force: Hyperdrive Edition on sale for 50% off on the Nintendo eShop. So it you haven’t gotten it yet, get on it!

Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Editon Trailer

WayForward startin’ early on the Wii U, and they’re startin’ with Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition. This prison-girl catching puzzle platformer comes to the Wii U with cleaner redrawn sprites, bringing the in-game art closer to the concept and packaging art from many of WayForward’s games. It also comes with all the 3DS stages reimagined in HD and 21 more stages for Hyper Mode. I tried this out on James’ 3DS before one of of the podcast tapings a while back, and I got pretty damned hooked. I had to stop though since I didn’t want to get beyond where James was.

Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition is currently available on Nintendo’s shop on the Wii U.

Mighty Switch Force Coming To Wii U

Oh WayForward how I love thee! Nintendo Power has revealed that 3DS download game Mighty Switch Force will be headed to the Wii U under the title Mighty Switch Force HD. Like its predecessor, it will be released as an eShop download on the system. And when they say HD, they mean it as the sprites will redrawn to look a lot cleaner. And boy, what they’ve shown is beautifully clean. Like, Earthworm Jim clean.

Let me fill you in quick on what the game is. Mighty Switch Force is a Puzzle Platformer where you’re a future cop trying to capture prisoners that have escaped. The cop lady has the ability to make platforms solidify and de-solidify to create platforms to jump on or knock enemies off the stage. I don’t had a 3DS, but I tried it out for a bit on James’, and I came this close to getting one on that game alone (and this was when the 3DS was still $250).

Mighty Switch Force HD is slated to launch on the Wii U eShop at the same time as the system.

Mighty Switch Force HD Headed To Wii U With Redesigned Sprites [Siliconera]

Original Shantae 3DS Virtual Console Bound?

Near the end of the Game Boy Color lifecycle, a neat little game called Shantae was released. It was one part action, one part rhythm, and one part Metroid. This was all topped off with a genie that used her hair like a whip, shook her ass for some gold and transformed into other creatures. This was a game that was packed to the brim with content, especially for a GBC game. The game was compatible with the Game Boy Advance for extra colors. A sequel was planned on the GBA, but was scrapped. But WayForward, the developers of Shantae, brought her back in the DSiWare sequel, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge. Since then, WayForward’s been riding high on the success of some of their games, including Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Switch Force, and are currently creating an Adventure Time game.

WayForward says that they submitted the game to the ESRB to rate it, and will then have to wait for Nintendo to approve it. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem considering that 1) WayForward was smart in maintaining the Shantae IP and not letting DLCapcom hold it (and they said that all they’d have to do is remove Capcom’s logo from the intro), and 2) Nintendo could use a game in the handheld VC that pushed the GBC to its limits at the time. Since Shantae is pretty damn rare, I’ve only had the chance of playing a little bit of it on an emulator. Releasing it on the VC would be a dream come true and I won’t have to dread spending a huge sum of money to play it.

Shantae Coming to 3DS Virtual Console Soon (Hopefully) [Nintendo World Report, via Operation Rainfall

Adventure Time Game Coming To DS, Courtesy of WayForward

You knew it was only a matter of time before a game of Adventure Time would be made. I mean, it packed with many references to videogames. But damn did Cartoon Network net themselves one helluva company to do it. Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time, tweeted that a DS game was in the works, and WayForward Technologies was the one doing it. WayForward, for you unfortunate people out there who don’t know the name of the company, are the masterminds behind Might Flip Champs, Mighty Switch Force, Contra 4, A Boy and His Blob on the Wii, Aliens Infestation, and most of all, Shantae. Adventure Time and WayForward are a perfect fit for the two!

Not much else is known about the project, like what genre it is, the release date, or if Pendleton meant 3DS and not DS. But he did show off some animated gifs showing that he’s working closely with WayForward in its development (which you can see after the break).

‘Adventure Time’ DS game coming from Wayforward Technologies [Videogame Writers]

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Mighty Milky Way Trailer

Well, what do we have here? I had totally forgotten that Mighty Milky Way was even being made. I knew WayForward was making something, but I kinda forgot. From the looks of the gameplay, it seems to be a 2D Mario Galaxy, but with more of a puzzle aesthetic. The trailer has music being sung by the main character, Luna, in vocaloid form. The sprite work is top-notch as always. The game is available now on DSiWare.

via Tiny Cartridge