DuckTales Remastered Footage Shows Cutscenes, Updated Music, And The Old King’s Back Scratcher

The guys over at IGN posted two videos on WayForward’s upcoming DuckTales Remastered. Scrooge still played like he always did in the original, fighting back using the Pogo cane and swinging it like a golf club. The stage shown above is Transylvania. WayForward’s interpretation of the game puts some context as to why Scrooge’s nephews are scattered all over the castle. We also see a little bit of the boss fight against Magica. If you want to see the boss fight in full (and played horribly by the people attending PAX East), refer to our previous article.

Amazon stage after the break.

The Amazon stage video shows a side by side comparison between the original NES version and the new one. One thing of note is Scrooge taking time out to talk about certain coins he’s finding throughout the stage. Collectibles a la Mario’s Star Coins perhaps? WayForward also changed up one section completely, with the Launchpad lift section going to the right over a long distance instead of to the left and covering a small gap. Like Magica (and all the bosses of this game), The statue boss fight has received a major overhaul, adding more challenge to these fights.

One the voice acting side, pretty much the whole DuckTales cast from the old Disney Afternoon show are reprising their roles, and man they’ve still got some spunk left. Scrooge’s voice actor, Alan Young, is 94 years old and still belting out the raspy Scottish accent Scrooge is known for. The voice actress for the ducklings is is 69 years old. And June Foray, the voice of Magica De Spell, is pushing 96 years old! Big ups to WayForward for tapping into these voices of our childhood for this game.

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