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DuckTales Remastered Footage Shows Cutscenes, Updated Music, And The Old King’s Back Scratcher

The guys over at IGN posted two videos on WayForward’s upcoming DuckTales Remastered. Scrooge still played like he always did in the original, fighting back using the Pogo cane and swinging it like a golf club. The stage shown above is Transylvania. WayForward’s interpretation of the game puts some context as to why Scrooge’s nephews are scattered all over the castle. We also see a little bit of the boss fight against Magica. If you want to see the boss fight in full (and played horribly by the people attending PAX East), refer to our previous article.

Amazon stage after the break.

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Director of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Takes Back His Game From UTV Ignition

El Shaddai

Living up to the memetic mutation of the game’s hero, Enoch, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron may have some life left in it. Sawaki Takerasu, the game’s director, stated that he wanted to “develop a potential El Shaddai business moving forward.” A sequel perhaps? Well, given the game’s influence and biblical story of a certain… “snappy” character, an El Shaddai sequel was bound to happen. However, the game’s publisher, UTV Ignition, faced an uncertain future.

The story of UTV Ignition is one that’s involved many parties, including Atlus, Vanillaware, and Disney. Back in early 2012, Disney had acquired the Mumbai based UTV, the parent company of Ignition Entertainment. Afterwards, the fate of many of UTV Ignition’s games were up in the air. UTV briefly showed life when it published Magical Drop V, but Dragon’s Crown was in danger. Atlus stepped in to help Vanillaware finish Dragon’s Crown and is now slated to release the game on August 6th.

That leaves El Shaddai, one of the only games Ignition both developed and published. While Disney owning UTV could’ve meant more funding Ignition, we have yet to see that happen. With Ignition’s increasing irrelevance, El Shaddai could’ve very well gone down with the ship. There’s also the fact that Disney has a sort image that some would call rather conservative, unfitting for a game like El Shaddai. But now there’s no problem since the director has his game back, so everything’s fine.

El Shaddai director acquires IP rights from previous publisher [Eurogamer]

The Wired Fish Podcast S4 – Episode 7

Welcome one and all to Episode 7 of The Wired Fish Podcast S4. In this episode, we talk about the sudden and unfortunate demise of LucasArts. Next, we tear into the comments made by now-former Microsoft creative director Adam Orth.

Timestamp of contents after the break.

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Art Blogger Breaks Down Dragon’s Crown’s Various Influences

Dragon's Crown royalty

The moment we laid eyes on Vanillaware’s upcoming Dragon’s Crown, we were absolutely floored by how beautifully detailed and stunningly animated the game was. Once again, Vanillaware’s expertise with 2D animation would be on full display, and this time in HD. With each trailer I posted here, I described to the best of my knowledge what I was seeing. And by best I meant “one the surface, what am I looking at.” However one art blogger, Richmond, took it one step further to analyze the various influences Dragon’s Crown had on display.

For his analysis, he watched the most recent trailer for the game (which now has an English version) Just to summarize a few of the many things he covers, much of what influences Dragon’s crown comes from Disney Cartoons, Greek mythology, sculpture, and architecture, Judeo-Christian motifs, Renaissance paintings, classic films, and Conan The Barbarian. He even analyzes things many might overlook, like an emblem on a knight, the parchment around the sword that’s stabbing a ghost knight, and even that other buxom sorceress. If you’re an art nut and/or wondering what makes this game tick, go on and read Richmond’s article over at Art-Eater. He’s also got something for you fighting game fans out there.

From Mickey Mouse to Jesus, This Dragon’s Crown Trailer is Full of Epic Homages [Art-Eater]

Duck Tales Remastered Revealed, Being Developed By WayForward [UPDATE] Gameplay Video Included

Well holy damn, who’d-a thought Duck Tales would be seeing a remake? Okay everyone wanted to see a remake, but Disney’s stance on their old Capcom-developed NES games was an unwavering “don’t care” or silence. For this remake, Capcom’s tapping into their old buddies WayForward, who previously published the first Shantae on Gameboy Color.

The reveal trailer starts off very serious, with quotes pulled from some of the game industry’s biggest creators. Then that ever catchy theme song starts up an plays in its entirety. While this ear-worm plays, we see some gameplay footage, and ohhhhh man I’m liking what I see. Much of what made the original NES game a hit is intact. Pogo-cane jumping, golf-club swinging, and then some. Many enemies make a return too with some amusing KO animations, like the mummy unraveling before falling off-screen. There’s also some locales I don’t remember seeing in the original NES game (or maybe it’s been so long that I don’t remember). I wonder how WayForward will handle The Moon Theme. Anyway, I’ll shut up and let you enjoy the trailer, unless you already watched it.

[UPDATE] Capcom Unity archived gameplay of Duck Tales on their Twitch Account. You can see it after the break.

Duck Tales Remastered – Announcement Trailer [HD] [Youtube, via Kotaku]

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Rumor: Is Disney Seeking To Buy Out Hasbro?

Last week while Hurricane Sandy forced me to go offli–wait I said that last time. Er, last week the sci-fi world was abuzz with news that Disney had acquired LucasFilm and LucasArts from George Lucas, and with it all the IPs associated with both branches, including Indiana Jones, Monkey Island, and Star Wars. But it looks like Disney wasn’t done. Rumors are now surfacing that Disney is seeking to acquire toy giant Hasbro. The company currently has the rights to Transformers, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, Littlelest Pet Shop, and TV network The Hub. According to MTV Geek, the talks are still in the discussion phase, but are “serious enough that something could be announced at any time and create ripples throughout the entertainment industry.” As MTV Geek points out, Hasbro has collaborated with Disney when it came to the Marvel properties with some table-top games among other things.

Personally, this could really mean a straight up acquisition, OR it could be a another collaboration between Disney and Hasbro for a toyline with Marvel or their new playmate Star Wars. This seems a little too major for it to be taken seriously though, so take this with a grain of salt. As long as they don’t don’t fuck up the ponies…

RUMOR: Disney Buying Hasbro?  [MTV Geek, via ComicBookMovie and Equestria Daily]

[NYCC2012] Hands-On With Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Sorry we took so long. But duty called, and it said “rendering: 2 hours.” But enough of that, here’s some gameplay footage from our time at New York Comic-Con 2012. Here, StevenDPX was playing Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for the Nintendo 3DS.

StevenDPX: The gameplay felt like a mix of a 2D platformer mixed with Okamiden. You’ll see that at first I tried to manually fill in the Mickey Mouse insignia. But then I realized that I just had to trace out the outline. I ended up glitching the game when I tapped the screen before pressing X to initiate painting. The rep there told me that that particular 3DS was acting weird all day, but I had a feeling it was the game. Hopefully it gets ironed out in time for release.

Disney Acquires UTV, Fate Of Ignition Entertainment Unknown

Uh-oh. Disney’s hungry, and it want to nibble on a bit of India. UTV is known for making TV shows and films in India. But to us, they’re the guys that own Ignition Entertainment, the publishers of Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Dragon’s Crown, and Deadly Premonition as well as the developers of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. BBC reports that Disney saw the opportunity to increase their presence in India when they noticed that UTV had shares that they didn’t own, and seized a controlling portion of UTV. Once the acquisition is finished, Disney will delist UTV from the Bombay Stock Exchange. So far a brand name change is unknown. As for Ignition, this could be wither good or bad. Good because Disney could finance them after a rough 2011. Bad because Disney might either let them go to fend for themselves, or just shut them down, leaving the fate of PSV/PS3 game Dragon’s Crown‘s western release up in the air.

Walt Disney acquires controlling stake in India’s UTV [BBC, via Destructoid]