A Link To The Past Sequel Announced For Nintendo 3DS

A Link To The Past sequel

The very last announcement for today’s Nintendo Direct came from the Regginator himself. He called back to how he views A Link To The Past as his favorite game of all time (it’s my second favorite Zelda game, behind Wind Waker). With that in mind, he showed off a new game that’ll take place in the same Hyrule as depicted in A Link To The Past, this time with 3D graphics. Gameplay and movement is the same as it was in A Link To The Past (and Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks minus the stylus control). Sporting his classic Brown/Green tunic from the original game, Link will traverse the land of Hyrule in oldschool fashion. However height will now play a bigger role than before. On top of this, Link can become a 2D picture on the wall and turn corners that he wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Think Sideways NY, but with a lot more Zelda.

Currently Nintendo of America hasn’t chosen a name for this sequel, but Nintendo of Japan is currently calling it Triforce of the Gods 2 (referencing ALttP’s Japanese name). Will it be called A Link To The Past 2, fall prey to the punny A Link 2 The Past, or will we get an entirely new subtitle? The game will be made available for the 3DS around the holiday season of this year.

Oracle of Ages and Seasons

In other Zelda news, GBC titles Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons will also be made available on 3DS Virtual Console on May 30 of this year. The original titles were vast, requiring two games to fully tell the story. Oracle of Ages dealt with time travel and followed the story of Naryu, while Oracle of Seasons had a season-changing mechanic and followed Din. You could choose which game to play first, with the second one being a sequel to the first via password.  I’ve only ever played Oracle of Ages, but would love to try that game again and finally play the Seasons game as well.

[via Nintendo Direct. Oracle Games at 29:48 mark. ALttP at 35:10]

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