[Rumor] DLC Characters For PlayStation All-Stars Cancelled, Dart Left In Limbo


For once can we get some kind of good news regarding Legend of Dragoon? PlayStation All-Stars, Sony’s answer to Super Smash Bros., had the advantage of having more characters added to the roster post-release, something that was never done for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Brawl. Unfortunately, that advantage seems to have been cut short as rumors began circulating that all future DLC plans have been cancelled. Shuhei Yoshida stated this, citing poor sales of the previous DLC characters Zeus and Isaac Clark (Not sure about Kat and Emmett since they were free at first).

Dart DLCFollowing the cancellation, an image  surfaced (shown left) showing an in-progess model of Legend of Dragoon‘s Dart, created by Mike Edwards, one of the character designers for the game. He was planned to be released as DLC, but was scrapped following the cancellation. News also arose that Dart was to be paired with a rival, similar to Kat with Emmet and Zeus with Issac Clarke. While there is no indication of this character being the rival, fans believe this rival to be Abe from Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey.

A fan campaign has been started to get Dart, and to an extent his rival character, released as DLC and to convince Sony Santa Monica, the current developers, that there is still a fanbase for PlayStation All-Stars and that there are still people willing to buy more characters. On Twitter, fans are using #ReleaseDart to get it trending and contacting the twitters of PlayStation, Sony Santa Monica, Shuhei Yoshida, and Seth Killian to get their voices heard.

Thanks to our cameraman Gesfrid for the tip.

#ReleaseDart Campaign: Help get Dart from Legend of the Dragoon Back in Playstation All Stars [Linkters, via ScrewAttack]

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