Stonehenge, Aigaion, And Rex Tremendae Teased In Latest Ace Combat Infnity Trailer

Looks like our suspicions are correct as what was shown in this trailer is what was speculated last time. The trailer begins with Rex Tremendae, the song that introduces Megalith in Ace Combat 04. What follows is quick shots of several jets flying, craters in the cities caused by meteors, and a direct reference to AC04 superweapon, Stonehenge, by name. Speaking of radio chatter, one of the pilots in the beginning mentions to his surprise that meteor fragments are still falling from the skies 20 years after, from what I’m guessing, the Ulysses meteor. Though this takes place in the real world, Iyuli, the location in Russia that is shown in the briefing graphic, is fictional. Same goes for AC6’s flying fortress, Aigaion, which we see more of.

According the the Ace Combat official fan site, Ace Combat Infinity will have a brand new story and also have a co-op mode. Judging by the story, it seems to be something of a what-if scenario, retelling the events of the Ulysses Meteor in real a world setting, playing into the sort of “infinite possibilities” motif the game’s subtitle implies.


There is one bit of news that might not please many fans, as this will be a free-to-play entry in Ace Combat series. Namco’s last foray into the free-to-play realm, Tekken Revolution, was met with mixed reception. One common problem of free-to-play games is that they can easily become pay-to-win, a criticism that has been levied towards Tekken Revolution. Given Namco’s history with F2P, and to extent DLC, one can’t help but be skeptical about what Namco has planned.

Ace Combat Infinity is scheduled to release in late 2013.

[via ACE COMBAT -Official Fan Site-]

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