Let’s Watch And Analyze The SSB4 Pac-Man Reveal Trailer

Some time after Nintendo’s Digital Event ended, they showed off the another contestant that’ll be joining the Mii fighters and Palutena. That contestant was Namco’s very own Pac-Man. Since Namco-Bandai is aiding in the development of SSB4, many suspected that Pac-Man’s inclusion was likely. In the trailer that followed the announcement, we saw that he’s not quite alone as he’s also bringing in tow few of Namco’s assets as well. So go ahead and refresh your memory with the trailer above, then hit the jump as we analyze some of the smaller references that you might’ve missed.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer

Of course here’s the iconic pie-shaped Pac-Man everyone knows and loves.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (2)

Original  Japanese Pac-Man ArtThe action begins with the camera panning up, showing off Pac-Man himself. The pose he’s striking is his signature thumbs-up pose that’s he’s done since the very beginning (pictured left). Also of note is his look. Some say that this is based off of his Pac-Man World model. Evidenced by the picture on the left, it’s actually a look that he’s sported long before Pac-Man World was released.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (3)

Here we can see Pac-Man can use the ghosts to perform a double attack, a new feature to SSB4 where some characters can attack both sides at the same time.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (4)

Anyone who’s played Galaga knows what this is. In the original Galaga game, an alien will sometimes fire a tractor beam when they come down to attack, potentially stealing away one of your ships. It looks like Pac-Man might be able to reel in his opponent with this move.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (5)

I’ll be honest, I capped this since it just looks cool. But judging by his start-up, this could be a smash attack.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (6)

Pac-Man’s Up-B is the trampoline from Mappy. And just like in Mappy, you can only bounce on it a couple of times before it disappears.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (7)
Pac-Man fruitsA couple of times Pac-Man will flash some sprite art in the air. With this one, this might be his regular B special. As the button is held down, the special will cycle through different sprites. The cool thing is that it cycles in the order that the fruits appeared in as you advanced through the original Pac-Man game (the fruits in the original appear from right to left). The Galaxian is somewhat of a double reference since it refers to both the original game it came from and the stage order in the original Pac-Man game.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (8)

The fire hydrant Pac-Man spawns most likely comes from Pac-Land. As a matter of fact…

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (9)

…There it is right there. There’s a stage (or maybe part of a stage) dedicated to Pac-Land. The original game was a platformer somewhat similar to Adventure Island.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (10)

The trailer briefly shows off some 3DS gameplay, as well as the iconic blue maze from the original Pac-Man game converted into a battleground for Smash Bros. The Ghosts might serve as obstacles.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (11)

Another interesting bit was this move Pac-Man does. This could be a side-B move where the player traces a small path for Pac-Man to follow.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (12)

Next up he starts flashing more sprites in his hand. Here’s the ship from Galaga.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (13)

And here’s a Pooka from Dig-Dug.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (14)

Mappy the police rat.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (15)

…And finally the giant mothership from Xevious.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (16)

Once again we get a scene from Pac-Land. This is what the player sees when they finish a few stages. You can see it right here.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (17)

Here’s Namco’s S-Flag which has appeared in many Namco games. It started out as a pick-up for extra points. It appears as a cameo in later Namco games.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (18)

This appears to be Pac-Man’s Final Smash, evidenced by the stage becoming darker. The characters are also re-enacting the classic chase scene from the original Pac-Man game.

SSB4 Pac-Man trailer (19)

And here’s Pac-Man striking one of his other poses from his arcade art (only one I could find at the moment was from the Neo-Geo Pocket Color box art).

And finally, the song that plays all throughout the trailer is the Pac-Man park theme from Pac-Mania.

And that’s it. What other Namco references will Pac-Man dish out? Guess we’ll have to wait until the game is released to find out. In the mean time, check out the “Characters Confirmed” article for some history on each of the characters shown so far. It gets updated with each new character revealed.

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