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Have Crappy/No Internet Connection? “Get A 360”

Don Mattrick

In an interview with GTTV’s Geoff Keighly, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick was asked about how exactly they’ll court people into getting an Xbox One should they have no stable internet connection (or any for that matter). He replied with, “Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of content. It’s called Xbox 360.” In other words, if you’re not ready to sign in every day at the parole offices of Xbox One, well then you’re not ready for Xbox One. Stay on the Xbox 360.

Mattrick probably won’t get any flak for this from his staff, but this is just a boneheaded thing to say. Right now, while Microsoft is still poised to sell Xbox 360 consoles, they’re primary focus is to sell as many Xbox One consoles as possible at launch. His comments also smack of his whole “Backwards” comment he made. I mean, it’s okay to tell your consumers to get an older console if they’re more comfortable getting that one, like Nintendo and Sony have done. But the delivery of his message is just arrogant.

They say that for each console manufacturer, the third consoles are the ones that see the company falter due to an overabundance of arrogance. It happened with the Gamecube (though it’s not the third). It happened with Sony and the early life of the PS3. And now it’s happening to Microsoft. I guess companies never learn.

Thanks to David for the heads-up.

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Anarchy Reigns Gets Delayed Again… To Early 2013!

Woah-ho-hooo! Now that’s one major delay if I ever saw one. If you remember a while back, SEGA delayed the Anarchy Reigns from early Summer until it could find a better date to release it. Since Japan’s going to get it as scheduled (which is still this Summer), you’d think it’d be around late Summer at least. In the initial report, SEGA didn’t specify what the new release date would be. But now they have a general date: Early 2013! Does SEGA really need to push it that far for a successful launch? Remember, SEGA delayed the game initially because it wanted to find a better time to release it — i.e. no major competition would be around. But 2013!? And the game is fully done too.

Well, at least they could use this surplus of extra time to work out any kinks and netcode issues they find in the JP release. But man, if this was any other game, I wouldn’t bat an eye. But with SEGA’s financial trouble, it sounds like something bigger’s happening in the House of Hedgehog.

SEGA’s Twitter, via Kotaku

Anarchy Reigns Delayed In U.S. and Europe, SEGA Looks For Better Time To Release It

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder as SEGA has announced that Anarchy Reigns is being delayed in the U.S. and Europe. Thing is, the game is done. A rep from Platinum states that the game “…is fully localized. If you buy the Japanese version or any version, it’s going to have all the languages in it.” So what’s the hold up? Well, it’s timing as SEGA wants to release the game at a better time where it’ll be more likely to be bought and played. Since this is a online centric game, the timing is important. But why delay it out of summer, where the target range is most likely on break from college or work? I’d say now’s the best time to do it, especially since summer is pretty much the “game release drought” season. SEGA could have Summer all to itself. Hopefully this business realignment isn’t toying around with their strategic metality, ’cause it’s looking all sorts of funky.

Sega delays ‘Anarchy Reigns’ in North America and Europe [The Verge]

I Stand On My Soapbox: Wireless Controllers Need a Locator

I Stand On My Soapbox is a series of editorials that cover more specific topics in the games industry and community. These articles are a little more extreme than normal editorials published here, and could just degenerate to outright ranting. Have fun and enjoy the show!

“The next generation is a wireless one.” That was the slogan for the Xbox 360 controllers that were advertised during the launch of the 360. This was going to be the new standard, as opposed to previous gens where your wireless fix came from third party manufacturers, or you spent more money on the official one. But this generation, nah-ah, you got a wireless one right in the box. Before you knew it, that slogan proved very true, as the PS3 and Wii controllers were wireless too. Finally, no more lowering or raising the wire to let people pass, or them tripping and potentially dropping the consoles from whatever precarious ledge the console was perched on (like my Gamecube… 6-foot-drop, still lives). So far, the only thing that is wired on the consoles now is the TV cables and the power supply (and you know they’re not going wireless anytime soon), and they’re in no one’s way. So with this new found freedom to game anywhere in the house without worry of bodily harm to the console, I have one question: Where the hell did I put my controller!?

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Microsoft Press Conference LiveBlog (Starts at 12:30PM)

Ahoy Fellow Fishes! It’s E3 time again. Kicking things off for the Big Three is Microsoft. Last year, Microsoft placed a lot of emphasis and time on their Kinect device, displaying games like Kinectimals and Kinect Adventures.  The hype train was in full force during the holiday season. However, once the dust settled, the Kinect became an afterthought to most gamers. It did gain notoriety the other things you can do through hacks. But for actual game uses, barely any support has been seen. In the days leading up to today, Microsoft has almost nothing surprising. Gears of War 3 and Forza (I think) are the only games worth noting that Microsoft will show. And there are rumors of Microsoft debuting a TV service. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Microsoft’s Press Conference starts at 12:30PM (EST) (9:30AM PST). Once the Conference begins, click the link below.

Microsoft Press Conference

Catherine Coming to the US

Atlus are such terrible liars. After saying that they had no planes to release the game in the US, a little cryptic message popped up asking gamers, “Do you still like us?” If that pink background was any indication, then they really suck on the subtlety front. Currently Catherine is planned to be released this Summer (Though Gamestop seems to know when exactly). I did try out the Catherine demo, and it’s a quirky little game, and freaking difficult! But that’s okay, this is Atlus we’re talking about.

Atlus released a trailer for our viewing not too long ago. You can see it below.