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Persona 4 Anime in the Works

After the recent tease, it’s finally been confirmed…Persona 4: The Animation is happening. The official website is up with some information on the series, along with a trailer you can view further below.

Seiji Kishi, director of Angel Beats!, will be directing the anime with AIC ASTA behind the production. Shoji Meguro is credited for the anime’s music, but it’s unclear as to whether he’ll be providing new tracks or if the music from the game will be used. You can also see four of the main characters on the site if you’d like to familiarize yourself with the cast.

I can’t help but notice that the main character’s name is now listed as Yu Narukami on the website. I actually prefer the name he was given in the manga, Souji Seta, but maybe that’s just me. Nitpicking aside, I enjoyed Persona 4 very much and think it was a fantastic RPG for the PS2 era to end on. I’m just hoping the anime will do the game the justice it deserves.

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Anime Theater: Vampire Wars

Do you like this image? Good, because you won't be seeing it in the film.

They say that great art can be measured by the extremity of the response it elicits in the viewer. Although I can definitely see their point, I don’t agree with that since it makes for too broad a definition. This is why we get people who throw fresh produce at a canvas and call it art, which then further implies that any child with basic motor functions can create art.

But let us, for a second, assume that this definition is correct. If it is, then Vampire Wars might be the greatest work of art ever created. Why? Because it inspires such a strong feeling of revulsion that one cannot help but respond to it. It is repulsive to all six of the senses (yes, even the illusory “sixth sense” is damaged by this crap) and is a truly startling example of how to waste an hour of your life. Get ready, folks, this one is going to be a doozy.

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Anime Theater: Monster


Well, I'm sure this will be a laughter-filled funfest...

What is the measure of a good person? Of a good deed? Of a good life? Is any one life worth more than another? What makes a person a complete monster? Is anyone ever truly irredeemable? And perhaps most distressingly, is there ever a time where it is acceptable to take anothers life?

From 1994-2001, Naoki Urasawa’s Monster worked towards answering all these questions and more. And from April 2004 to September 2005, an Anime adaptation was aired on NTV, and will be the subject of this review. An incredible work of dark, mature fiction that dips its hands into almost every moral dilemma imaginable, Urasawa’s black saga of violence, terror and regret is quite possibly Anime’s greatest counter to anyone who would dismiss the artform as “silly”, “immature” or “generic”.

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