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MercurySteam Wants To Do Contra Next

Hoooooooly crap. Dave Cox of MercurySteam, the Developers of Caslevania Lords of Shadow and the upcoming sequels, stated in an interview with VG247 that he and his team want to do a Contra game. He stresses that even though his team have done very well with the Castlevania reboot, he doesn’t want to be known as Mr. Castlevania. “… I don’t want to be in charge of a series that perhaps over a certain time is going to decline,” he states, which probably rings true for some franchises that have seen some major drops over time.  As he feels his team has told the story of this Castlevania, he’d want his tem to “…go out with a bang and leave that as our legacy in the Castlevania universe.” Hey, no shame in that. Some of the best artists stepped out while the iron’s hot.

“I’d love to do Contra. At Mercury Steam we’ve got an original idea that I think is really awesome. We’d love to bring that idea to market and I’m hoping that the success of Lords of Shadow 2 will allow us to do that,” says Cox later on. The last Contra games to come out were Contra Rebirth on WiiWare and WayForward’s own Contra 4 on the DS. As long as it doesn’t become another FPS or TPS, I welcome this venture. Maybe something along the lines of Devil May Cry‘s and Metroid Other M‘s tight gameplay might suffice.

Moving on: Cox and Mercury Steam aim for Contra reboot [VG247, via Joystiq]

Art of the Week: Feature 1 – sergevirusx

For our first feature, we have an artist who goes by “sergevirusx”. Serge’s operations being at deviantART, this artist known in the community for drawing many sexy women. Unfortunately, a lot of them aren’t really safe to post here, per se. But a love for old-school is prevalent with fanart depicting Megaman, Street Fighter, Mario, Rival Schools, Contra, etc. Serge’s artstyle, some have said, resembles that of 1980s anime, which, in my opinion, birthed some of the most memorable characters from the likes of Gundam (though that was ’79), Dragon Ball, Voltron, and Urusei Yatsura (the anime). Below is a sample of serge’s work. Hit the jump to see a sample of serge’s work. And do catch the full over at deviantART. Oh, and serge does take commissions.

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