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After 14 Years of Service, Brook Avenue’s Game Champ Closes Its Doors

Game Champ

The moment many among us saw that “Store For Rent” sign under Game Champ’s sign, we knew the end was near for the store. The question was “when?” Well, that end came yesterday when Game Champ announced it was the last day to shop at the store. The store underwent many changes inside throughout the years, with its beginnings having a cellphone side. Eventually that side was removed to stock more games, and eventually used games. They then added on to inventory by having anime DVDs, wall scrolls, figures, and skateboards. On the game side, the store stocked new games as well as retro games dating as far back as the NES. Quite a few times during my college years, I’d recommend people go there if there was a retro game they were looking for. One of them managed to find a Dreamcast game that had eluded him for a while. One of the best things about the place was the convenience of having a game store right in our own back yard. For many living in the southern Mott Haven section, myself included, the only place you could get your gaming fix was at the Game Express and GameStop both located at The Hub of 3rd Ave. That required either hauling ass up there or taking a bus. Once Game Champ opened, it was only a matter of walking around the corner.

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[NYCC] Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Hands-On Preview

Here’s our only demo for the regular DS. Prota plays some Dragon Quest Monsters 2, a game that allows you to catch monsters, fight with them, and fuse them together to create new ones. If you’ve ever played Dragon Quest V, then think of the monster recruitment from that game, but expanded upon. If you haven’t played DQV, then you should! And as an added bonus, Steven the Slime makes his debut!

Square Enix To Be Called Square…Just Square [Update]

Update: According to Dualshockers (via N4G), Square Enix has shot down rumors of rebranding, stating that both the Square Enix name and brand will remain as is. I’ll keep the original article up for your amusement.

Remember that epic merger that occurred at the turn of the millennium, where two of the largest rivals came together to become one Voltron of a conglomerate? If you say Nintendo and SEGA, give yourself a pat on the back ’cause that’s the wrong one. I’m of course talking about Squaresoft (Final Fantasy) and Enix (Dragon Quest) becoming Square Enix. Lots of things have happened since the merger, namely the departure of Squaresoft from EA, and the acquisition of Taito and Eidos, Well, since Square has more subsidiaries under its belt, having the name “Square Enix” is making less of an impact. And being called Square-Enix-Taito-Eidos is out of the question. So, according to a recent article by GotGame, Square Enix will be changing its name to Square in what may be an attempt to create a central family name, like Rockstar and all the other Rockstar branches. To some, this may bring back memories of old Square from the NES and SNES days. But this today’s Square is different from yesterday’s Square. We shall see if Square regains any of that old time quality with this re-branding.

Square Enix to Drop Enix [GotGame]