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Top 50 Most Wacky Bootleg Boxarts: PS1 Edition

Top 50 Wacky Boxarts

After about three months of waiting for the SyrianGames website come back, I’ve now returned with even more wacky bootleg boxart, this time from their PS1 catalog. Now, an odd thing occurred after that last article was published. After some gaming outlets posted articles about how crazy their boxarts were, SyrianGames went into a sort of Admin mode where only the site runners could access it. Afterwards, the syriangames.com URL redirected visitors to their Facebook page. This probably meant that 1) they wanted to hide their shame, and 2) they took the site offline.

So how do I have more boxarts to show? Well, for some odd reason several weeks back, their old site was back online. I found this out I checked out my old article (for kicks) and wondered if the site came back. I took the opportunity to look at their PS1 catalog and pick out the funniest ones from the bunch. Good thing I did it too since their URL is once again redirecting to their Facebook page.

Anyway, let’s end this little tangent. Hit the jump and check out the PS1 Edition of the Top 50 Wacky Bootleg Boxarts.

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The Wired Fish Podcast: Episode 1

Ahoy! Oh snap, you’ll actually get to finally hear us talk! *gasp* Well, here’s our first official podcast for The Wired Fish. In this episode, James, Prota, and I talk about E3 and all three press conferences. The fallout following Duke Nukem Forever’s release and reviews, and Out thoughts on the upcoming Sonic Generations.

Audio only. Sorry for the shitty quality of the audio. My cam’s audio recorder isn’t so great. Next time, I’m bringing my mics.