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E3 2012 Nintendo 3DS Press Conference

It’s not over yet. Nintendo announced during their initial presentation that since there wouldn’t be enough time to show plans for both the Wii U and 3DS, there will be a separate presentation for the Nintendo 3DS at E3. And so, here we are again for one more Liveblog on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo showed a little bit of what was in store for the 3Ds at the initial press conference, be this one coming up will be the real deal.

Liveblog and Press Conference start at 9PM EDT.

E3 2012 Nintendo 3DS Press Conference

*Note: Since we’re using the free version of CoverItLive, some readers might be blocked due to reader limit. Fret not as the conversation will be copy/pasted below when the conference it over.

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E3: Project P-100 Trailer

Project P-100 seems to be what happens when Platinum Games meets Pikmin! The company’s title in progress has players rounding up civilians and turning them into…well, pretty much anything they need in order to defeat the giant robots invading town. From the gameplay above, we can see citizens being used as fists, guns, and swords in order to combat the invaders. But they also play an important role in navigating levels, as we see them turning into climbable ladders, hands that can pull and push objects, and even planes you can fly with. On top of that, there appears to be four player co-op added into the mix!

This definitely looks like a game to watch out for, which makes it all the more odd that this wasn’t shown during Nintendo’s E3 press conference. If Nintendo was willing to show off more games like these, rather than games that we already know about, I think their conference would have had a much warmer reception.