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Mighty Switch Force 2 Ready To Switch It Up Next Week

Now isn’t this a big surprise. Last we heard about Mighty Switch Force 2, developer WayForward said in early May that development was a wrap and what was left was “testing, testing, and more testing.” While also alluding to finals season for colleges, actual game testing varies from game to game. But now it looks like that phase has finished and the game is set for release.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 Trailer

Mighty Switch Force 2 “Is A Wrap”, HyperDrive Edition Updating With A New Character

Mighty Switch Force 2 (3)

WayForward, via their blog, have reported that they have wrapped up development on Mighty Switch Force 2.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 is a wrap!  It’s pencils down for the dev team. Next stop, testing, testing, and more testing. Poor Patty… not even cybernetic citizens of Planet Land can escape the wrath of final exams.

If you missed the original announcement (or forgot), MSF star Patricia Wagon is now a Fire Fighter and must save the now reformed Hooligan Sisters. Check out the previous article for info and screenshots.

In other Mighty Switch Force news, the HyperDrive Edition on Wii U is getting an update. This update will include fixed audio levels, a smaller file size, and a new Pixel Patty character. My guess is that this will be Patty as she appeared in the 3DS version. WayForward states that they’ll announce a release date “soon”.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 News, MSFHD Update Details! [WayForward Blog]

Patricia Wagon Is A Firefighter In Mighty Switch Force 2

Mighty Switch Force 2 (3)

Feels like yesterday when WayForward confirmed that a Mighty Switch Force sequel was underway. But little did we know was that the game’s main star, Patricia Wagon, would be something other than a police officer. In Mighty Switch Force 2, Patricia is now a firefighter and is trying to put out fires breaking out all over Tangent City. The Hooligan Sisters from the first game are back, and they’re good girls now. So now you have to save them instead of capture them. Judging by the screenshots of the game, there’s going to be some tricky water puzzles to deal with on top of the rescuing and firefighting.

WayForward sets the release date as “soon” for North America and Europe and will be available on the Nintendo eShop. I wonder if they’re will be a Hyperdrive version of this too… Screenshots after the break.

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Mighty Switch Force Getting a Sequel

Mighty Switch Force 2

A direct one at that (unlike other Mighty games)! Jonathan Homes over at Destructoid was told by Austin Ivansmith of Wayforward that they’ll be making Mighty Switch Force 2 for the 3DS and are hoping to get it ready for either Q1 or Q2 of this year. It was also confirmed that Patricia Wagon, the game’s protagonist, won’t be catching criminal girls, but instead doing something else. Ivansmith also told Holmes that the original composer, Virt, will be returning for the sequel and that he’s some of those songs at MAGFest.

To celebrate this news, WayForward put Mighty Switch Force: Hyperdrive Edition on sale for 50% off on the Nintendo eShop. So it you haven’t gotten it yet, get on it!

Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Editon Trailer

WayForward startin’ early on the Wii U, and they’re startin’ with Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition. This prison-girl catching puzzle platformer comes to the Wii U with cleaner redrawn sprites, bringing the in-game art closer to the concept and packaging art from many of WayForward’s games. It also comes with all the 3DS stages reimagined in HD and 21 more stages for Hyper Mode. I tried this out on James’ 3DS before one of of the podcast tapings a while back, and I got pretty damned hooked. I had to stop though since I didn’t want to get beyond where James was.

Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition is currently available on Nintendo’s shop on the Wii U.

Mighty Switch Force Coming To Wii U

Oh WayForward how I love thee! Nintendo Power has revealed that 3DS download game Mighty Switch Force will be headed to the Wii U under the title Mighty Switch Force HD. Like its predecessor, it will be released as an eShop download on the system. And when they say HD, they mean it as the sprites will redrawn to look a lot cleaner. And boy, what they’ve shown is beautifully clean. Like, Earthworm Jim clean.

Let me fill you in quick on what the game is. Mighty Switch Force is a Puzzle Platformer where you’re a future cop trying to capture prisoners that have escaped. The cop lady has the ability to make platforms solidify and de-solidify to create platforms to jump on or knock enemies off the stage. I don’t had a 3DS, but I tried it out for a bit on James’, and I came this close to getting one on that game alone (and this was when the 3DS was still $250).

Mighty Switch Force HD is slated to launch on the Wii U eShop at the same time as the system.

Mighty Switch Force HD Headed To Wii U With Redesigned Sprites [Siliconera]