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Retro Weekends – Abadox

What’s the goriest game you could think of? I’ll give you some time…. Okay, now how about the Super Nintendo/Genesis, can you think of a gory game for that one? Got some? Good. Now how about the NES? Not a lot huh? Well, that’s the point. The NES wasn’t really known for having much gore in the games that released on it. While there were some games that skillfully dodged Nintendo of America’s Judeo-Christian-Puritan-No-Sex-No-Violence Morality code, there were some that made your wonder “How the hell did this make it past the censors?” One of those games was space-shooter Abadox.

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Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove Moved to 3DS

Natsume’s handheld rhythm game, Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove, has been moved to the 3DS. Originally planned for the DS, this game boasts a gameplay style similar to Elite Beat Agents. The only major change to this game, besides the potential benefit of having increased resolution, is that the gameplay is on the lower screen and the dancing is on the upper. To get a better idea of what this game is about, check out this video from E3 (when it was still planned for the DS)

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