Retro Weekends – Mega Man Legends 2

First Contact

My first contact with Mega Man Legends 2 happened out of pure chance. Even though I knew about Tron Bonne’s game, I thought it only included a demo of of the original Legends game (since it used Volnutt’s appearance in the first game). I didn’t see that it was actually a demo of the second game. In summer of 2000, while going with my mom shopping at The Bronx’s 3rd Avenue shopping district, we walked into a store that housed about four more shops inside. One of the shops was a game shop. I looked at the shelf, and there it was, Mega Man Legends 2. “OH SHIT!” my mind exclaimed, completely surprised that there was a sequel to the game. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to get it that time. Come a few weeks later, and I was able to get the game.

Memorable Moments

Before games like God of War and The Witcher, we had Mega Man show us the wonders of videogame nudity! Okay, it wasn’t the first time we saw nudity in a videogame. But for a Mega Man game, well… this was quite a revelation. As I said few paragraphs ago, you meet Sera after defeating the boss of Forbidden Island. And boy, does she make an entrance. The look on Mega Man’s face mirrored that of many young boys that played this game for the first time. No one expected this! Now you might be thinking, “really? That’s a memorable moment?” Hell yeah it is! Besides the raging hormones at the time, this is one of the biggest radar dodges I’ve ever seen in videogames. This is amplified by the fact that this was an E-rated game, meaning suitable for Everyone. So hooray for E-Rated Tatas!

Now on the somewhat more serious side of things, I remember spending an unhealthy amount of time on the quizzes in Potke Village. Now the first round of quizzes aren’t so hard. But there’s the 100 Question Quiz that taunted me with every attempt. The prize at stake was the Zetasabre. By assumption, looking at the name “Zetasabre” meant that it was going to be a lightsaber similar to the one that Zero had in the Mega Man X series (Zetasabre=Z-Saber). So by that notion, I really wanted to get that item. There were two options to getting it. One was to do the 100 Question Quiz and getting all questions right. The other was to pay 2 Million Zenny! So knowing there was no way in hell I would conjure up that kind of money, I did the questions instead. The questions were all real-world, Planet Earth, shit-you-learned-in-school questions (except one that was related to the game). They ranged from World history to math to pop culture (one of the choices in a question was Britney Spears!). And so, I spent a shit load of time doing the challenge, failing a lot but getting ever so close to beating it and getting the sabre. I met my ultimate end when I had 10 questions left and lost. With a crushed spirit, I left Potke Village in hopes that one day I would return get the Zetasabre. I never did return. Here’s a FAQ if you don’t want to meet the same fate as I did.

Now to the serious stuff. The revelation of Volnutt’s past was pretty interesting. Volnutt, after the battle with Geetz (we’ll get to that latter), lies unconscious and begins having flashbacks about his past (when he was still Trigger). Upon seeing his creator, the Master, he begins to remember who he is. The Master trusted him so much that he gave Trigger his genetic code and ordered him to destroy the system that housed the Carbon Reinitialization Program, a program that would wipe out all the Carbons (the people) on Terra (Earth) and revive the original Humans from the ancient time. Unlike the Purification Program from the first game, which seemed to only affect the people of Kattelox, this would threaten the whole world. Sera confronted Mega Man in the Program’s room in hopes that by defeating him, it would prove that the Master loved her more (bullshit reason). But of course, Volnutt defeats her and Yuna explains to Sera that the Master didn’t want her to die. After making up, Sera, Yuna, and Volnutt realize that now that Gatz is dead from an earlier event, they’re stuck on Elysium. Tron and Roll make many attempts to create a rocket that would get to the moon and pick up Volnutt, but no luck. And so the story continues in Mega Man Legen–oh wait..

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