Retro Weekends – Mega Man Legends 2

Memorable Music

Geetz Battle
Composer: Makoto Tomozawa

The battle with Geetz has to be the most epic battle in the Mega Man Legends series. I mean, here we have this scene where the people that wanted you get the Keys to the Mother Lode double-cross you, Yuna tries explaining everything, and then Sera’s partner, Geetz, is trying to take down the ship. And so Gatz, Yuna’s partner, gets his ass whooped, and now you gotta take his place. So where do you fight him? On top of the Sulphur Bottom high in the sky! The only sad thing though is that the battle is kinda easy and goes by really quickly if you have the right tools.

Composer: Makoto Tomozawa

Much like the Apple Market from MML1, Yosyonke’s town theme can definitely get the nostalgia tears flowing. I remember detailing this when I did the old Nighttime Listening segments back on LiveJournal when I talked about snow themes. Well, this still stands as one the better themes to listen to when it snows outside.

Flutter Theme
Composer: Makoto Tomozawa

There’s a somewhat museum-like feel to this theme, like you’re supposed to hear this when browsing a gallery of art. The composer had the right idea of slowing down the regular Flutter theme from the first game (which is now the title screen for this game) and creating a rather beautiful arrangement. There’s certainly a different mood to being in the Flutter in this game than in the last. Before, this ship was a wreck that needed fixing, so Roll and Volnutt kept a positive vibe and got to work on repairing it. Now in this game, the Flutter is a-okay with no crashes and flying as high as ever.

Manda Island
Composer: Makoto Tomozawa

I would have to give a special mention to Manda Island’s theme. Long after playing this game I could still remember this song. Not because the song is nice (which it is), but because the melody of this song sounds very much like the backing melody of “All I Need To Get By” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. I could never get the song outta my head because of this.

And so ends another Retro Weekend. MML2 ended on yet another cliffhanger. MML1 made it rather obvious that there might be a sequel by saying “To Be Continued”. Here, it simply said “The End.” But we knew there was more to this story that needed to be told, in particular what the deal was with Yuna using Matilda’s (Roll’s Mother) body as a vessel, who was activating the Reaverbots on Terra, and how exactly Volnutt, Sera, and Yuna are gonna get out of Elysium and get back to Terra. While I’d love to say, “well, we’ll have to wait for MML3 to get those answers,” Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled last Summer. And so, 10 years later, they’re gonna remain on the moon a little longer.

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